Hurricane Maria Death Toll: 1427


Yep, after the conversion, 1,427 estimated dead converts roughly to “Statistics are fun,” or “I don’t believe those dead people are really dead. MAGA.”



Dead people as statistics…in a trump–zee world. Next question, how can trump–zees profit off of this disaster?


Very few died in New Orleans “in” hurricane Katrina. Doesn’t make them any less dead or any less victims of the storm.


I did not walk back anything. I posted “statistics are fun” with the exact meaning and intention of what I posted above.

And one honest poster already admitted to it.

Like I said, it’s all in the thread. And trump did it.

I can’t help it if so many snowflakes misinterpreted my post.

Warning Some feelings will be hurt in the reading of this post.


Very few?


It was well handled. If you have any specifics as to how it was mishandled then let’s hear it.


It’s a good article. That most of their editorials are written by liberals doesn’t mean they don’t do news, they do, and they do it very well.


Most of them died AFTER the storm in the flooding.


Imagine that.


You never know.

This finding varied significantly by age and education. Only 37 percent of people ages 18 to 29 know people born in Puerto Rico are citizens, compared with 64 percent of those 65 or older. Similarly, 47 percent of Americans without a college degree know Puerto Ricans are Americans, compared with 72 percent of those with a bachelor’s degree and 66 percent of those with a postgraduate education.

Hmmmmm… mapping these age demographics onto a political map is interesting…



It wasn’t on the scale of Katrina by a long shot. Katrina directly hit 5 states and caused catastrophic flooding in 9 more from Texas to New York.

Percolator is an Island, there was nowhere to go to get away from it and their decades old infrastructure, particularly the electric grid had been problematic for decades.


New Orleans is not all of Louisiana, it’s one city.

The actual known death toll including those killed during the evacuation.

Fatalities: (directly or indirectly)

  • Alabama: 2
  • Florida: 14
  • Georgia: 2
  • Louisiana: 1,577
  • Mississippi: 238
  • Total: 1,833
    Source: FEMA

Estimates of additional deaths vary wildly but those are the known deaths.


I think they’re counting someone who died of a heart attack removing debris, drank contaminated water or run over by caravans delivering supplies? Since the source of this number is so vague, it’s hard to infer what makes it up.


Yeah, that doesn’t sound unhinged or anything.

Now tell us all about the other hurricane numbers you’ve questioned. We want to make sure that it’s not just Puerto Rico’s.


So you admit that you’re multiple people sharing an account.

I don’t think that’s allowed here.


I think lots of posers here would love to find out about all those hurricanes that he has questioned the death tolls of. Aren’t you?


I’m trying to recall all of these death toll numbers from hurricanes being discussed on this forum?


Everyone knows that if he really had, you’d have it in your spreadsheet, so why don’t you tell us?