Hunter Biden’s laptop is evidence in FBI money laundering investigation

more unfacty facts!

and yet… I don’t believe you

They have not talked about any data on that laptop that wasn’t also in the iCloud account. That’s a fact.

Why ask for the iCloud account data if the laptop has everything and it’s forensically verified? Apple is famously tough on releasing iCloud data.

If the laptop was enough… they would not have asked.

I’m certain you don’t since you seem to carry yourself as an expert on every topic everywhere. But trust me… you are barking up the wrong tree on the topic of digital

Because it hinders any defense attack on one or the other. Any defense attorney could find an expert to refute the evidence. Harder to try and refute both. A prosecutor would be stupid to go with just one.


And? Is there some revelation behind your mentioning that? Are we in agreement the laptop is not a conspiracy theory as we were led to believe by the source your quoted?


When violent hate America demonstrations occur in the U.S. (as they now are) and terrorist attacks begin on American soil, let us not forget it was the current Democrat Party Leadership who encouraged and invited millions upon millions of poverty-stricken, poorly educated, low-skilled, diseased, disabled, criminal, and un-vetted terrorist foreign nationals, into our country’s inner cities.

no, thats some ■■■■ you just made up.

it may be factual, but you don’t know that

I look forward to his appeal and the overturning of this anti 2nd amendment law!