Hundreds of teens destroy a family fun park in Memphis

This is quite a disturbing story on many levels. From the different reports I’ve read on this, the number of kids were 300-400, which exceeded the capacity of the park. The even more disturbing aspect of this is that they were left unattended. From the limited video you can find on this they appear to be 13-15 year old range, which on most measures is not an age to leave large groups of kids without any adult supervision, but even worse 300-400 kids! Would any of you here who has kids do something like that?

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Why are these people going to mass gatherings in the first place.

A swarm of teenagers creating chaos while the adults hide in the basement? And this isn’t a horror movie summary?

Of course not. It’s rather a no-brainier.

An army of Kyles in the making.

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13-15 is prime smashing ■■■■ up just to smash it age. Just saying.

I mean come on, not a good age for no parental supervision? Aren’t we all old here? Didn’t most of us run around with no supervision from the time we were kids?

As you can see, they are all conservative science deniers.

Umm, no.

In the world before cellphones? At high school age? Pull the other leg, pal.

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In the world of responsible parenting, pal.

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One day I’ll figure out what it is about getting old that makes 90% of people forget what absolute muppets they were as tweens and teenagers once they hit age 30.


Yes, and I got into a ton of trouble as a result. lol

When you are a parent, maybe you will. Or, maybe you will be the parent that drops their kid off at a park and drives off.

Yeah me too lol. The stupid ■■■■ I did, man. That was just “kids being kids” though.

There was no trouble I could get into as a kid or teenager that was worth the repercussion at home.

Teenagers are all ■■■■■■■ lunatics. The hormones drive them into a state that is indistinguishable from mental illness. That’s why they don’t give teenagers psychiatric exams.

If I have a kid this psychotic helicopter parenting fad will be long over, God willing.

Not surprised you find this behavior at all levels perfectly normal.

I find it completely unsurprising from a bunch of boys who just got drenched in their first tidal wave of hormones.

You have to commend their organizing skills.

That is why they need parent’s, not friends.

When and if you do, I hope it is over. However, too many know how to be parents that never have been.