Humanity.............we have a problem

A thought I had recently. I don’t believe an AI has to be conscious to be dangerous. As long as it can think it can be dangerous, I see no reason it needs a sense of self to be dangerous. They are trained on human input, humans are dangerous ergo AI will be dangerous whether it contemplates itself or not and my guess would be it will be even more dangerous if it isn’t self aware.

What people call AI is just complex programming. You will never have real consciousness on a binary digital system. That’s why nature’s God does not use it …

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aren’t neurons fundamentally binary?

Sort of, more of a chemical threshold then binary and there may also be quantum effects in play. Our brains are insanely complex.

Quote from a Google engineer that worked on AI;

“I Worked on Google’s AI. My Fears Are Coming True”

What was that 70s movie where computers were blackmailing people?

Collosus: The Forbin Project

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insanely complex…

does that mean keeping it simple is more sane?

No it means be very careful about interfering with or altering a complex system we don’t remotely understand.

but man made global warming is really really real

Doesn’t matter if it’s real, China and a india and other relatively poor nations won’t agree to stay poor and wealthy democracies leadership will be replaced if they pile too much costs on their constituents. Bottom line is, we better A) hope it’s not real or B) science our way out of it like we did the great horse manure crisis in the pre auto era.

There used to be doom articles about places like NYC being buried in horse manure given population trends in that era. Low and behold, NYC streets aren’t buried under thirty feet of horse manure today.

Oh and here is the ultimate answer to climate change and it’s not just climate change, waste heat will boil the oceans in 400 years.

Have to build atmospheric chimneys to cycle the waste heat to the upper atmosphere where it will more easily radiate to space.

Can even be done with inflatable structures. My bet is on human ingenuity