Huckabee Saves Trump

Some might’ve wondered about Trump’s decision to question the existence of Santa in a conversation with a seven-year-old child, Mike Huckabee appeared on Fox & Friends to provided some much needed, clear-headed perspective to the whole thing:

“It wasn’t like he was boiling the little girl’s bunny rabbit in a pot on the stove or something,” said Huckabee. “He asked a simple question.”

I have to side with Trump-supporting friends on this one. Indeed, Trump did not boil a little girl’s bunny rabbit in a pot during the phone call.

Libs with TDS clearly overreacted.

By the way, the best part of the video comes when the three hosts smile after Huckabee’s joke.

I’m pretty sure that’s how an audience looks when a standup comedian is absolutely killing it.

Nobody complained when Obama boiled a little girl’s bunny rabbit in a pot.


Question for libs with TDS: Did Trump boil a little girl’s bunny or not?

Yes or no?


If one were into freeze-framing videos, the best time to do it in that video might be the 1:14 mark.

One of these things is not like the others.

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That’s what he has planned for Easter.


The guy on the right did break for a minute and show his true feelings, which confused me a bit.

However, the guy on the left maintained his psychotic smile throughout Huckabee’s replies.

The guy on the left was funnier.

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I think Huckabee just admitted that he once boiled little Sarah’s bunny in a pot on the stove.

You’re right, Mike. This wasn’t that bad.

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The dude in the middle with long hair wasnt sure what to do… :joy:


Remember when Obama said “57 states”?

It’s not like he strangled a puppy and then ate it’s still-twitching body in front of a class of kinderfateners.

Man, I like conservative defenses of reprehensible behaviors. It’s so easy in their world. It’s ok to be a dick as long as you’re not a monster.

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He did eat a dog. The children fled.


Dog tastes like chicken.


I like hot dogs.

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Make America Hasenfeffer Again

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Like father, like daughter…

What an idiotic comparison.

So, because he didn’t horrify the girl by boiling a bunny, it’s OK that he possibly blew the whole Santa thing for her?

Nice try.

And is it any surprise that a so-called man of God is making excuses for the creep. Then again, that man of God raised a filthy lying pig, so there’s that.


I’m not a supporter of bunny boiling.