Huckabee Sanders lands where we all expected

Why is Fox hiring someone that repeatedly lied to the media?

But I expect nobody will be surprised by Fox hiring Huckabee Sanders.


who else is gonna hire her?

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I’m shocked, I tell you - shocked!!!

Ok, I’m over it … :rofl:


The bold is really funny. :rofl:

She will do extremely well there.

Good for her!

Game recognize game, so I guess Mrs. Sanders looked very familiar. She fits right in to lie to her hearts content. I bet her daddy is proud.

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I will enjoy Sarah on FOX.

Hopefully this spells doom for the Donna Brazile experiment.

She should have disqualified herself from media employment by giving out debate questions.

Her appearances on FOX have been cringe worthy DNC propaganda.



So you are ok with balancing it out with cringeworthy Trump propaganda?

I find FOX not so much in the bag for Trump as you do.

FOX knows its audience well and plenty of their on air people are not so Trumpy.

Brazile brings nothing. Juan at least tries to communicate rather than preach.


I hear that next year she’ll try “Dancing with the Stars.”

Maybe she and Conway can get to the bottom of the Bowling Green massacre.

No one wants to see that.
I’m sure when she’s kicked off, she’ll blame liberals.

I thought she was the next governor

What does it say that the person who admitted to making things up and lying to the media should be employed by Fox News? We will all know that when she uses the Fox News “some people have said” the people in question will be her and her father.

After he won the Republication nomination it was about 140-150 hours of plugging for Trump on Fox News in the lead-up to the election.

Which ones are “not so Trumpy”?

Hopefully they will teach how to not talk out of one side of her mouth.

I wish she had taken a class in Ethics while at Oachita Baptist University.