You can’t make this up at all. Who thought this was a good idea at that time

Isn’t this one of those cases where it’s not racist because a black person is doing it?

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The headline of the linked article is not truthful.

James didn’t “use” a swastika. It’s something that was on a bulletin board in a school where he taped an ad. You MIGHT see it with careful watch of the ad. There is a dark and glancing shot of a wall that has a bulletin board on it. It’s a curled sheet of paper on that bulletin board.

I contend that anyone who says he will change his vote for James because of this wasn’t really going to vote for him anyway.

His reaction to this is more important than the actual image. He apologized like a normal adult, and we can all move on.

Republicans are finally learning how to properly damage control. See how easy it is? “Oops, I’m sorry.”

Works so much better than getting out your electron microscope and splitting hairs about the safety margins around the word “monkey”, for example.


So why was a swastika on a school bulletin board?

That’s my first reaction.

:rofl: great post.

You think he’s a National Socialist?

You notice your poster is void of any facts or proof… National socialist workers party. I bet you’d love their entitlements like national health service, money for babies, forced community service etc…

There are no moderate democrats…

No, it’s not racist because he didn’t use it.

AFAIK, the video was pulled from Facebook.

What school leaves national socialist symbols up?

You notice your post is devoid of any facts or proof…Buffalo wings. I bet you’d love their condiments like honey mustard, ranch, and barbecue sauce, etc…

I blame Germany.

no, I told you about their social entitlements…