HR1525 5th Amendment Restoration Act Civil Asset Forfeiture

HR 1525 is going through the house to create a federal law halting all civil asset forfeiture laws. All I can say is it should of been done years ago. If the state has no evidence of a crime, the individual should be able to keep all of his money. It should take a Judicial order to confiscate any property from an individual. This house act has Bi-Partisan support. I would like to see it passed and signed into law.

This act would allow the individual to have a lawyer to fight it at the expense of the government.

Then I would like them remove qualified immunity when police step so far over the line it isnt even close.


Even criminal assessments should only be limited to those fines allowed by specific statute for the crimes committed. Moreover in cases where the underlying issue is a crime there should be no civil liability with out conviction for that crime.


What’s the catch? :thinking: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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