HR-1 IS Election Fraud

So, now the democrats want to recreate the 2020 election fraud but put it on steroids! They want to make the election laws nationwide to include voter harvesting, mail in ballots with no proof of who the voter is, etc.

Serfs, one party rule is here comrades! Glorious!

H.R.1 - 116th Congress (2019-2020): For the People Act of 2019 | | Library of Congress

What are you talking about? Your link is to a House bill from February 2019. It didn’t go anywhere in the Senate and I believe is now null and void since the new Congress was put in place this year.

It doesn’t do any such thing.

To expand Americans’ access to the ballot box.

The first 8 words.

Shouldn’t one of govts goals is to make it easier for citizens to vote.



Yes, it makes it easier for citizens of China, Russia, Mexico, etc. to vote in US elections.


Here is the 2021 bill:

US HR1 | 2021-2022 | 117th Congress | LegiScan


It should be to teach and insist on civics.

Government is not a servant of ease.


Making it easier to exercise a right is not in the government’s purview?

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Making it easier to illegally exercise a right is not in the government’s purview.


Easy is a HUGE hedge word.

We need balance between access and security.

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Which is why we have the 1040EZ form.


Exactly. They don’t want anymore legitimate elections.


“For the People Act”
Priceless. Which people?


The American citizens who vote.


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Is there any “Voter ID” language in this Bill?


Where can one register to vote w/out an ID?

Where can one vote without an ID? Oh wait!

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Don’t need to have a witness, no guarantees against coercion, nothing to document. All you have to do is grab a form or multiple forms and away you go.
Of course, it will be argued there is no voter fraud because none will be found. When you set up a system to enable fraud and prevent its detection, then there will be no evidence of voter fraud.
The move should be toward increasing the credibility of elections. This is a move to remove any credibility on the reliability of elections.
Of course, to get this passed, as well as passing a court packing bill, it will be necessary for Democrats to disband the legislative filibuster that they have been relying on for the past four years.
Hopefully their will be a backlash in 2022…if a legitimate vote is allowed.


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