How's that Trump impeachment hearing going?

How’s Nadler congressional hearing going?

Hell hows that collusion theory going?

Hell hows that Barr impeachment hearing going?

Maybe it might be easier to make a list of who you’re not going to impeach?

You can’t let your riled up radical base down. They demand action, they demand payback, they demand answers.

LOL too funny…democrats had created this mess they’re in because they couldn’t accept Nov 2016 election…and now they’re can;t turning back because they traveled too far down the rabbit hole… :rofl:

Oh BTW…I know the reason for Barr treatment. You have to discredit him, you must discredit him in order to save face and to dilute the corruption that he’s going to uncover.

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The distinguished highly skilled lawyer members of congress were afraid to question Barr by themselves. Intellectually on par with a rolling pin. They proved themselves idiots and in need of babysitters.
Crazy Mazie struggled to get through reading what someone else had prepared for her. So obvious she had not read it ahead of time. Intolerant, rambunctious and all mouth that one. She’s the same bag of wind that told all men to sit down and shut up during the Kavanaugh witch hunt. She couln’t even change a flat tire.

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Dang. We’ve gone from Trump being honest to “you’re too scared to impeach him” right as the House investigates his foreign money connections.

I hope this thread doesn’t come back to bite the OP.

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It’s clear they wanted to entrap Barr because they didn’t want him looking into corrupt CoJ, FBI, NSA and CIA.

That’s what this is all about, they want to preserve whatever i left of system they created, the culture of corruption. political influence in those agencies.

Can the Dims get any worse? Yes, they answer that call everyday.

Forum libs has insured me Trump was going down on Russian collusion, then on obstruction and now foreign money?

Too funny. Funnier then watching a dog chasing his tail. :rofl:

Nothing will have come back as bad as all the 2016 Trump can’t win. lol lol lol
Nothing can top it

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Indeed, just when you think they hit rock bottom the floor give out.

Then they act like nothing had happen…

The keep blowing hot air into an crumb of hope. Funny to watch it.

You’re scared. Nadler is cool.

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This is so old it smells.

Nadler is cool.

Yeah…you told us that when we said their was no Russian collusion, You said the same thing when we said there was no obstruction.

You’re figuring third time is a charm…right

Impossible he is cool. Cold air rises.

Trumps is a victim. He needs to be left alone.

What funny is watch libs fallen flat on their faces, then watch them brush it off and trips again.

My side hurts from laughing so hard.

The alt left will never leave your President alone. Too full of hate. It is eating them up.

Lock her up! Lock her up! Lock her up! - The party of action :rofl:

Anyway, you will not get so lucky, as has been repeated to you many times, Trumpies will have endure getting slapped down by the American people in 2020.

I mean seriously…when are you guys going to learn?

This is borderline abuse IMO.

People need to stop being mean to trump. He deserved allegiance.