Howard Dean - Desperately Trying to Remain Relevant

Former Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean said that he was boycotting MSNBC in order to pressure them to stop airing the coronavirus task force media briefings that include President Donald Trump speaking.

What a stupid “stand” to take. Pointless. Self-serving.

Dude, if you don’t like the thtread topic, move on.

No one is forcing you to post, are they?


Beeee yaahhhh



What’s a “Howard Dean”? :grin:

Sounds like something that needs to be wiped up.

What…a…phallus. :sunglasses:

I think the last time I heard that name was in 2004 after the scream. Now he’s boycotting MSNBC 16 years later? :rofl:

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Who cares about Howard Dean?

Dean? I thought it was Howard T. Duck

He refuses to appear on a network that only about 17 people watch anyway??

Talk about desperate…

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Does anyone care about Howard Dean at this point? Seems rather silly of him.

Frankly, whenever the President speaks it is newsworthy so I disagree with Dean.