How Would You Characterize The Holy Spirit?

Good morning everyone, I hope you are having a lovely day so far.

How would you characterize the Holy Spirit? Who, or what, exactly, is it?
For me, it is the mysterious force of God that intercedes on our behalf, the gut feeling God uses to reach our hearts and to will us to do good and to follow His calling. It is the reminder that God sends us to do His work.

Secondly, how has the Holy Spirit utilized/employed you?

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It’s important to note that Existence is measured solely on Irrational numbers ( π, ϕ, √ 2, etc…). You present a rational question to an irrational answer IMO.

Admittedly, it’s hard to wrap my head around a coherent answer. These things are much more easily meditated on than discussed.

That said, here’s my highly unrefined, knee-jerk answer:


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True. But what if the Holy Spirit is another manifestation of God? I too am having a hard time answering the question, hence why I made the thread.

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It’s all God. The Universe, the Space, the Life… Us. (Psalm 82:6, John10:34).

The Holy Spirit could just as easily be the spark of Life within us all, just as it could be the expansion of the Universe. I’m gonna need more medicine for this one. lol I’ll muse more in chat.

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Irrational numbers don’t have anything to do with existence.

I believe people need to believe in the Holy Spirit in order to cope the fact that they will die someday.

Go sit down, Slim. lol


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Are you an athiest?

I believe that if there is disorder and evil amongst humans, then as a race they will die off. Humans have thrived because they have evolved to work together and bring more assets to the community.


There has always been disorder and evil amongst us.

I agree with your last sentence.

I once heard the Trinity explained as the Father initiating love, the Son receiving/accepting this love, and the Holy Spirit the product that goes forth from this love.

From here, we can return to the beginning with the Holy Spirit being the initiator of love, with us receiving this love…and what is the product that next comes forth when we are active receivers?


Among other things, Jesus referred to the Holy Spirit as “Comforter”. The Holy Spirit is who indwells us when we accept Christ as Savior. He convicts us of sin, gives us power to resist temptation, helps us learn and grow as Christians and interprets our prayers to God…


Pythagorus, discovered irrational numbers. He would disagree with you. He was also a teacher of Trinity in religion. He was familiar with Hinduism, Buddhism and which also teaches the Trinity, essentially the same as adopted by Christianity.

"We come from God. As the tree from the root and the stream from the spring; that’s why we should always be in contact with Him, as the trunk from the root. Because the stream dries up when it is separated from the spring and the tree dies when is uprooted.–Pythagoras

Trinity is often defined in terns of Seed, Flower and Fruit.

Irrational numbers are just numbers we humans define by the term “irrational”. Nature doesn’t care.

Who organized nature? Or is the law of entropy all-encompassing?

Nobody organized nature. What law of entropy?

I am not a Christian but most cultures have a sense of the Tao, the Great Spirit, The Holy Spirit, etc. I believe it’s an ineffable force that pervades all being- call it God if you will. The question I have for myself is if this “force” is interventionist. Does it respond to prayer and supplication?

Why does nature need an “organizer”? Nature could just be just as “God” could just be.