How would Trump be handling the current Ukraine situation?

Maybe Biden can call Trump and ask for some help.

Trump could set him straight on either energy or how to negotiate and comport with Putin.

President NO WARS stands at the ready.

Spoil of his effort.

Saudi Arabia and Yemen are countries at war.

President no wars is based on poster no news.


Brandon can wing it on his own then.

There ya go. Next time you call him president no wars and at how you won’t let anyone forget that, look up this post just as a refresher.

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Some hypotheticals are genuinely hard to game-out. This one seems less so, relatively speaking. He took an overtly hostile view toward NATO. Some options: communicate clearly that Ukraine will never join NATO; just let Russia have Ukraine (not our problem, as some here argue). Trump clearly valued his relationship with Putin; I don’t think he’d want to mess that up over this.

Trump won international diplomacy by producing energy.

Not magic.

Biden is an idiot.

He sent weapons to a country at war so they continue the war. A proxy war by the way. (That’s Saudi Arabia against Iran for anybody who decides to confuse my point with Ukraine). That’s the diplomacy.

Then of course there is the short fat gentleman who is still producing missiles and launched them during his presidency.

See when you you are poster no news, you can be poster all is good. Then reality sets in.

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Oooh, forgot that one.

and of course, domestic energy production wouldn’t be crushing the economy…

May be if Trump appointed judges wouldn’t rule again record oil leases being issued by the Biden Admin

See how easy it is to post in generalities. No details allowed

You in the right thread?

Trump had the best asset…Pompeo. He should get more credit for the solid diplomacy.

Yes very much so.

Trump no wars

Trump diplomacy.

When the stinging subsides let me know and we can continue.

Obama judge.

He’s got the Abraham Accords (which were actually mostly brokered by Jared Kushner).

What other “scintllating successes” are you thinking of?

Different ruling.

Mike Pompeo’s weight loss and new look make me think, This guy’s running for president. Possible dark horse, behind De Santis? What do you think? This is a good look, too:

Putin: As I warned you before the NWO Army base is in the Ukraine and they dream of destroying the USA and Russia…

Trump: They are just Lilliputians, use your Gulliver!

Ah, at least one person here who admits they would favor a Washington/Moscow right wing Axis!

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Post it please.