How would the market react to a Biden victory?

As we know, the market loves Trump. It took off like a rocket after his election. It took a world wide catastrophe to cool it off. So what happens if Biden wins? He will likely re-invoke all of the regulations that Trump eliminated. Probably adding even more. He will no doubt drastically increase taxes on your employer and maybe on you as well. The cost of energy will rise dramatically after he adds a carbon tax and eliminates fracking. There is a good chance he will be ramping up the expansion of government. Adding more agencies and more layers of bureaucracy. So will this be good for you? Will those of you planning to retire in the next few years be able to?

If it reacts the same way it reacted to Obama, then I’ll be satisfied. Steady growth and deficit reduction is a great combination for the health of this nation.


It will get crushed just like it did under Obama’s communist regime of high taxes

The market did not take off like a rocket after Trump was elected. It had been rising steadily for the last five years of the Obama Presidency and it continued to rise after Trump was elected, albeit at a slightly slower rate

Bill Clinton raised taxes after winning the Presidency in 1993 to address the deficit. Republicans all predicted economic doom, but the stock market rose steadily for years in reaction.

The first rule of investing smartly is to look at the facts not at ideological talking points.


The current market status will be remembered as the good old days.

Why would it react the same way? Their policies are not even close. Obama did not institute the punitive actions that Biden is promising. It’s not the same. Why do you think it would be the same?

Yes if you look at the S&P 500 there was slow and steady growth from 2010 until now, with no appreciable slope change in its trajectory once Donald Trump was elected.

Already retired here. I lowered the percentage of my holdings that’s in the market to only about 20 percent. Didn’t want the majority subject to any wild market swings with me being retired.

I would probably go ahead and sell that too.

I would say at a minimum his election would greatly slow market growth.

If his VP is a socialist style pol like Warren the market might well tank(economy as well) based on the idea that with his rapidly deteriorating mind she could easily be the prez and quite soon into the term.

Just some thoughts.

I see a lot more illegal spying on Americans if Joe wins.

I was going with the Dow… but the underlying point is that the underlying trend of recovery from the 2008 collapse (as measured by stock market values and unemployment) that started under Obama continued under Trump until a factor not under President Trump’s control – the advent of the coronavirus – created the current downturn.

Stocks will either drop to 0 or jump to 40K

So, just another Tuesday.

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Because Biden is an Obiden Bama Democrat that’s the key difference here.

Or as Joe Biden put it. “We Have To Take Care Of The Cure That Will Make The Problem Worse No Matter What”.

I believe Markets will react better for a Biden victory then they will if - God forbid - Bernie were to actually make it to the WH.

That simply isn’t true. The DOW went up by 12% during the 2 years leading up to Trump’s victory. The DOW went up more than 45% during the 2 years following Trump’s victory. That is a dramatic change in trajectory.

Stated another way.

The Dow went up about 90% following the recession under Obama (an average of about 11% over the course of Obama’s term.) The DOW had gone up 47% during Trump’s first 3 years - prior to the Coronavirus. That is an approximate 16% average. Again a dramatic change in trajectory.

stocks of ammo and gun manufacturers would skyrocket along with their sales…

We still don’t know what the Corona-virus will do to our and the worlds economy.

When you start off with a foolish assumption, the conclusions will likely be nonsense.

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That’s some highly-compensated spin right there.

It would have to depend upon the makeup of the House and the Senate. It would also have to depend on where the Market is right before the election as well. This virus has really shaken up the Market as it is and its not over. Another factor would be what types of positions companies can offer Hunter Biden. Old middle-class Uncle Joe and his son Hunter both became millionaires as a result of Joe’s positions of power so both are for sale.