How would Mark Cuban fare in a three way race between Trump, Biden, and himself?

In a three way race would Mark be written off and not stand a chance? I am curious where the community stands on him, his career, and his leadership capabilities and whether he’d stand a chance. I can see him peeling off Trump supporters and Biden. Especially when Biden inevitably messes up at the debate and looks weak. But, curious what everyone thinks?

Cuban won’t run. So pointless discussion.

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I am not asking because I think he will. I am asking because I think he would be a very interesting third party. I think he contrast enough with left and right that he would be a contender rather than a spoiler candidate which we have seen before. Just looking for an intellectual deep dive into this hypothetical scenario for fun.

Long story short, with the Dems and Republicans in the mix, the game is rigged to allow one of the two mediocre candidates (Trump & Biden) win. If the 2 big parties didn’t essentially have a monopoly, we might could possibly get some decent leadership (such as Cuban) elected.


Funny enough, If he did enter I think it would be a race between Trump and Cuban. As in, Biden would be in last. I really think there are many center-right people who like a lot of what Trump did, but aren’t fans of him or his rhetoric. I think you get that in Cuban. Media likes to say that Trump talks like the normal American. But Cuban does too. Very curious how it would play out.

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trump would win in landslide


Interesting. Do you think that is because Trump has a strong record to run on? Or that Biden/Cuban are weak? Combination?

What is Cubans take on the pandemic? What would he be doing? What’s his plan for getting the economy back up and running? What would his economic policy be during regular times? What’s his thoughts on Constitutional issues (like 2nd amendment)? What type of court judges would Cuban be nominating? What people would he have in his cabinet? What are Cuban’s thoughts on Ruining the economy once again with things like the “new green deal”? What would his foreign policy be?

These are things that are important. I will say this, Mark is a hard core capitalist. He is an entrepreneur, he went door to door selling trash bags. But respectfully, I don’t know if we know the answer for any of the candidates for how we will get the economy fixed from the pandemic. It seems like right now its just delay delay delay reboot. But what if this drags on 3,5,6 months? I think Mark is a lot more thoughtful in his planning than the current president. He was one of the first to mention US taking equity and banning stock buy backs for this stimulus. So he isn’t dumb. I’d like to see a debate of ideas and not just a bunch of zingers. That’s my opinion.

Cuban is kind of a clown.

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Trump’s record is strong. The economy was the highest it had ever been before the Invisible Enemy appeared out of nowhere. Trump can’t be blamed for not knowing about the virus that nobody knew about, but we should all praise the INCREDIBLE effort he made to ensure that only a couple hundred thousand Americans die. This could be FAR WORSE. If Hillary was president I’m sure that things would already be falling apart.


cubans a joke. and a puss. a male kardashian

Perhaps, but it would be interesting to see what a successful businessman might do in the White House.

I am legitimately good on billionaires who have no idea how government works.

Much like Donald, the reality TV celebrity apprentice.

Except, Cuban made his money. Dude started off selling trash bags door to door.


Yes, very good point.

When the NBA shut down Cuban was the first person in the NBA to consider how this affected all support personnel for his stadium and team and start looking how to make sure they were taken care of.

When he first became owner of the Mavericks, one of the first things he did was gut the lockers rooms for his team and revamp them to be much nicer. He also did something that on the surface sounds trivial but some players actually were quoted as praising it in that instead of supplying the team with the cheap re-useable towels that so many gyms have he splurged on more expensive ones that felt better. One player actually mentioned the towels as the reason he chose to sign with the Mavericks.
Cuban gets that treating his employees well brings dividends.

If Cuban were to run for one party or the other, I have no idea where he stands politically, I’d strongly consider him simply because he unlike most politicians on both sides and most uber rich people doesn’t see his employees as disposable. He values people and treats them well.

And if he did? He’s a businessman/TV/sports personality, just like the current unqualified WH occupant. NO. Let’s see some credentials.

Trump laid out where he stood on issues during the primary. I knew where he stood comparted to Hillary. Lets here Cuban say where he stands on issues.