How will trump enforce his Iran sanctions

Europe has no plans to reimpose sanctions. In the 90s the us tried to enforce its sanctions on Europe and they passed laws that prohibited European countries from complying with us sanctions. The us backed down.

What’s to stop Europe from doing that again, which they will likely do. Will the us start another trade war? How much will that cost us companies. Boeing already stands to lose billions due to Iran Haverda ng to stop panned us jet purchases. I’m sur airbus will happily replace them

Like usual the orange maniac has no real plan

US sanctions = higher price of oil and gas for Americans. Since no one else is following Trump, most if not all US sanctions will be offset by other countries. This appears to fuel Iran’s anti-American sentiments with no objective consequence.

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I don’t understand why Iran is going to accept any terms after the US just withdrew from the terms of the agreement already made. Unless there is clear proof that Iran has broken the terms, which our allies obviously don’t see…with of course no surprise the exception of Israel

I’m surprised no one has blamed Russian oil exports

The usual way, I imagine…

No, or at least no for long, because they will still sell oil on the world market.

Can anyone name a single, tangible benefit from pulling out now?

If you want to create new sanctions against Iran, find some other reason to do it. They haven’t violated the terms of the agreement, you shouldn’t just walk away from it. You lose all negotiating ability if you just walk away.

If you want to negotiate with Iran regarding their ballistic missiles, you bring that to a negotiating table. We no longer have a seat at the table to even discuss that topic.

It’s looking like the only option left is a military option.

I’ll ask again, is there any benefit to this decision?


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Case in point his threat to sanction countries that don’t back the U.S in their choice.

That would isolate the US from the rest of the world. While we may have the resources to pursue this ideology, it is not a good idea.

Maybe. Maybe not. We’ll all find out soon enough.

Trump will not sanction Europe if they continue trade with Iran. If he does then he’s even dumber than I thought…

The only endgame I see here is war.

Otherwise, this doesn’t make any sense. I understand that Trump is a moron, but there has to be someone in his circle that he’s agreeing with - and the only logical conclusion is war against Iran.

It’s gotta be Bolton, right?

Unfortunately, I see it the same way. But “logic” seems to be in short supply these days.

The new “Art of the Deal”

All trumps sanctions will do is cost us companies money. China will but Iranian oil and European companies and Russia will sell Iran anything they want