How Washington DC Works

NOTHING that happens in DC is a coincidence. NOTHING.

When Right-wing commentators point out all this they are called names and trashed. I think they are correct in pointing out all the below:

When some in the leadership on the left inside the FBI & other agencies knew that some Republicans was going to attempt to slow or stop the election certification & Trump was going to hold a rally, they hatched a plan:

The FBI already had several agents infiltrating various groups like the Proud Boys, etc. They do that, more than many know.

Some of the Trump hating or Democrat members of the leadership of the FBI instructed agents to manipulate the more gullible amongst those groups to instigate some kind of riot or incident with many agents actually participating and inciting them to go inside.

They did it for several reasons, one to make Republicans look bad, another to get more funding and power by frightening the public into believing they need to give up more rights for “Safety” and the additional funding is a must to “Protect” the country.

This has basically played out several times:

  • They did this to Muslims instigating some young Muslims to do things they likely would not have who were vulnerable either because of financial problems, mental health, or other problems they was going through.
  • They did this to the bunch who was going to kidnap Gretchen Whitmer.
  • They not only instigated those incidents, they planned them, coordinated them, and lead and participated in them.
  • Those agents and in some instances informants are the “Unindicted Co-Conspirators” They will never be charged because they was under orders and sent in to do what they did.
  • With every incident they create, they go to the government for more funding. Taking out or hurting their political enemies is icing on the cake or the original reason.

While what those who participated in those things was indeed wrong and should be punished, what is going on behind the scenes, the manipulation, instigation, and political targeting by a law enforcement agency in behalf of a political party is also wrong.

Please don’t be naïve.

I sure miss those good ol’ “party or personal responsibility” days. Where did they go?


It is never the fault of Trump or his supporters.


When you have texts from the very top FBI agents confirming that they are doing things applying political motivations, it kind of takes the guess work about this subject, out of it. The FBI has been corrupted and it’s getting worse, not better. The same with the DoJ, the NSA, the CIA, the IRS, the State Department…

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Never Trump’s or his supporters fault for anything.

As soon as I saw this thread title, I knew that this thread would be nonsense.

The Federal Government can’t be both bloated and incompetent AND omnipotently evil.


Of course it can.

Seriously??? :roll_eyes:

That isn’t remotely what is being claimed by the OP.

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Kind sounds like you might be talking about DEMs. Its never their fault.


It is being blamed on the FBI.

so yeah… it kinda is.

What did the "Dems’ do on Jan 6th?

I don’t think DC works at all.

It is all on debt autopilot.


They probably gleefully watched the GOP self destruct.

But that’s not what I was responding to. You recited LW rhetoric repeating the talking point that Republicans never accept blame (or in this case Trump supporters). I figured I would respond with the RW talking point about Democrats never accepting blame.

Kind of a tit for tat if you will. :wink:

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Yes, state-sponsored terrorism is the biggest threat.

Unfortunately it is the FBI and other government agencies who appear to be sponsoring terrorism against the American people and their elected representatives. Senator Rand Paul has survived three assassination attempts from leftist extremists, and the FBI has done nothing but ignore and coverup the nature of the attacks.


I haven’t seen Trump, the GOP or their supporters accept blame for Jan 6th one bit.

And you won’t. To do so would be committing political suicide. DEMs are no different in that regard. Which is the point I was making. That’s politics.

As to me personally, I hold Trump, along with those who did his bidding, responsible for what happened on January 6th. I’ve been consistently vocal about that on this forum.


The Dems were in charge of the House and the S of Arms answers to Pelosi. He was requested multiple times by the DC Chief of police to call in the national guard. Now…what did Dems do on January 6th…nothing…and that’s the point.


Where on the Capitol Police organizational chart does the Speaker of the House fall?