How Trump did it

My favorite two lines from Trump supporters:

  1. “I can’t really say that anything he says is true, but I trust him.”

  2. “I don’t even look at fact checks. I think it lies, too.”

No wonder we elected a sociopath into the White House.

trump is just a puppet to the forces around him. trump has done nothing except be really ■■■■■■■ lame.

The CEC created a perfect storm for a candidate like Trump. I will give him credit. He was smart enough to repeat all their talking points and play on the fears they created.


Aren’t cult generally lead by “charismatic” leaders?

I don’t even get that about his base…the man repels me.

That’s how he did it :slight_smile:

The fart sniffing snide smugness of the Times critic and Hillary Clinton are emblematic of the northeastern liberalism that rubs a lot of people the wrong way.

So instead we got a loud mouthed 80s villain who at least took the time to find the pain points before promising to fix everything.

What a crap article.

sociopath is as sociopath does.

Yes and he talks like people communicate online. People like being communicated to in the same way they communicate. He sounds like a below average conservative poster on this site writes (and I think a below average person on this site is average in general population).

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What a great article.

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“I can’t really say that anything he says is true, but I trust him.”

I just read that again.

Holy crap, people.

No it’s not. It’s just crap. There’s nothing there.

I don’t like the article. It’s no different than those awful man on the street bits Fox does.

I talk in front of people for a living, I think about politics frequently, but if you put me on the spot to articulate my thoughts on immigration, I’d sound like a dumbass because like a lot of people, I don’t speak about my political beliefs, and despite having written a position paper for a client on expanding H1B, I’d probably sound like an idiot if a reporter asked me about it.

That restaurant has closed because it was awful. Is it your point that Trump supporters enjoy lousy food, drinks, and service?


There’s nothing there. No substance. He’s a clown.

You usually have great links and I was looking forward to something exciting.

I think article on why people back a man like Trump has some substance.

It could have, that one doesn’t.

Yeah, well, you know, that’s just like, your opinion. Man.

I don’t get. Why are we upset?

Trump for all his faults can play his base like a fiddle. He certainly knows how to pluck those strings.

We can only hope that has he doubles down on only speaking to his base, the rest of American will vote him and his ilk out of office.