How to turn a liberal into a conservative

Sanctuary cities are an effective way. What happens when a liberal is raped, robbed murdered, killed or maimed by a drunk driving invader? Does the liberal or his family continue to support the sanctuary policy that allowed a foreign national to victimize them? Probably not. I doubt that they want the offender protected from deportation. So slowly but violently sanctuary policies could erode the liberal love affair with allowing anyone in totally unscreened.

But what if they’re raped, robbed, murdered, killed or maimed by a drunk driving US citizen? Does that make it better somehow?

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Nobody is trying to protect U.S. criminals. Understand?

Well, you’re talking like it’s more likely for illegals to do something like that, yet it’s more likely for a citizen doing something like that to another citizen.

It just seems that way to you. That’s what happens when your liberal filter need cleaning.


Totally untrue. I said nothing of the sort. You completely made that up. Why would you do that?

Violent crime is down that might not help your arguement.

Who is calling for unscreened immigration?

Support your contentions.


But, what if they’re raped, robbed, murdered, killed or maimed by a drunk driving illegal who shouldn’t be here in the first place?

That is preventable, isn’t it.

What if an undocumented immigrant cleaned a conservative’s house or picked them a vegetable? Would that turn them liberal?


You mean an illegal alien who broke the law to get into this country?

I’m not going to support anything. Because it’s not a contention. It’s common knowledge. If you believe that any democratic candidate is pushing for an end to sanctuary cities then you are completely confused. I can’t help you. So I won’t try.

You can’t. I understand.

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Good. So you understand that when a liberal is a victim of a crime committed by and invader, they might not want that invader protected from deportation? Since sanctuary cities are liberal cities, the victims are more likely to be liberal. Am I right?

Yeah, you think you’re a liberal now? What if you were raped, robbed, murdered or killed or maimed by a drunk driving invader?

Yeah, not so liberal now are ya?



Those that can’t or won’t understand that deaths caused by illegals who shouldn’t be in the country in the first place can and are considered by common sense as preventable if immigration & amnesty laws are upheld.

It’s also basic common sense to know that we have enough citizen criminals and citizen DUI’s as it is so we don’t need more foreign criminals who actually have more rights then the citizen criminal!

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What I understand in the context of my first post is that you made a claim about liberals having a love affair with totally unscreened immigration. I’m not even a lib in the way it’s used here and I know that is pure unadulterated bull ■■■■■

It’s a common theme, people making completely erroneous claims to support one position or other.

So now we’re arguing, whether seriously or factitiously, for people to be raped, robbed, and or murdered in such a way as to bring them around to our partisan ideology.

They can’t understand because they cannot discern the difference between a citizen and an illegal.


The good news is that the victims of illegal invader crime are most likely to be the people who voted for sanctuary politicians. They are the ones who live in sanctuary cities.

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