How to shut down the voice of half the people in America in four steps

Even if they are living next door to each other? Watching? Seeing?

Ah, thanks.

If divorce is mutually desired, amicable and non-violent, it’s possible. But maybe not.

Ari Fleischer Said that he did a #KillTrump and got flooded with results. Public safety my arse. Dorsey is a pathological liar. Which most Marxists are.


How would the lib half, their new country, survive after all their high earners moved to the republican half for lower taxes and all the poor people fled the rights side for better social programs?

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We covet what we constantly see.

Is Dorsey a Marxist?

Lol, Dorsey donated 3 million to an organization that bails out rioters, yah, he’s concerned about public safety alright.


He’s as Marxists as the average republican is racist.

I had a roommate in college who I really didn’t get along with and we didn’t enjoy living with each other much. When he moved out, I found that he left a “countdown” on a blackboard in his wall - “X number of days until I am out of hell - (apt number)” Interestingly enough, I think he wanted me to find that - his passive aggressive way of letting me know I sucked as a roommate.

Yet, nowadays - many years later we are really good friends and keep in touch. Interesting how tensions can melt when you don’t have to share a kitchen daily.

It can. Did he move in next door and keep bumping in to you?

I would offer that this issue is more mature than college roommates.

The ressentiment (Nietzsche resentment) is too strong and ingrained to move across the hall and be amicable.

We are not opponents anymore, we are enemies.

The left would need a wall to keep people in.


And out.

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You mean for after they collapse economically and someone wants to invade them while they are defenseless? Or for the initial influx of the needy before they run out of money?

Yeah, it’s obviously more complex of an issue. Btw, it could take a couple of generations for most tensions to melt, so to speak. It’s not like red and blue America are completely different, we still have a lot in common.


I disagree completely.

I’ve lived in both. Life and people’s past times/hobbies aren’t that different.

Nope. Your party will not accept having anything in common. The entire country was appalled by the George Floyd shooting. This unity was unacceptable to your party. They drove a wedge into it as soon as they could.

Want another example? Don Lemon will not stop calling Republicans “Nazis and Klansmen.” Your party agrees. How do you have anything in common with Nazis?

No dude. We have nothing in common. Not a thing.


Would a violent fightbe necessary for the divorce?