How to shut down the voice of half the people in America in four steps

This would be my plan.

1. Label them as racists. And work hard to convince everyone it’s true. It may take years of propaganda to accomplish this. Label as many policies and statements as racist that you possibly can. Occasionally in order to sound reasonable, you might say something such as: "We’ll maybe not ALL of them are racists. But regardless. They should be shut down. Because, as we know racists do not deserve to be heard.

2. Safety. These people must be silenced because they are much too dangerous to be allowed a pubic forum. Cancel them.

3.The media. Media that is not part of our team needs to be “reined in.” If they do not support our cause they are racists, liars and a threat to public safety. They must be placed under tighter control or shut down completely.

4. Leadership. The top leaders of this movement should be available to answer very few questions. And the questions they do answer must only be submitted by media members of the team and should usually be preapproved.

And there you have it. That’s how I would do it.


Act like children, get sent to timeout.


:rofl: I :heart: this post.

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The party of personal responsibility


Turned into the snowflake party

This is interesting. It ignores the basic problem of who is determining wrongspeak and their bias.

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So you like my ideas? A pretty good plan eh?

Indeed. Everybody needs to take responsibility for their actions except conservatives


For the first time in my life, I think a divorce is actually not a bad idea.

Separate countries, separate militaries, separate tech ecosystems, separate media , separate leadership, etc… maybe we can still share professional/amateur sports leagues.

Sure, sure. But don’t you think “who decides” is interesting?

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I fail to see how I am responsible for invading the capitol building, I was right here at home the whole time.


Enemies, not opponents anymore.

Separate militaries? :rofl:

What’s a “tech ecosystem”?

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And you aren’t being blamed for it are you?

Is Twitter open to the public?

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Maybe don’t go all in on a New York Copperhead of you don’t want to be “label[ed]…racist”.

Actually, could become better friends than we are now, once we live in separate houses.

“Tech ecosystem” - a bit vague but could refer to things such as cloud computing (AWS), smartphone hardware/OS (Apple/Google), and of course, social media platforms (Twitter/Facebook) - could be a combination of all of those.

Yeah that doesn’t happen. Enemies, not opponents. Imagine the resentment.

I get the tech, what makes it “eco”?

Which party?

What gives you © the right to label anyone anything? Especially by association?

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I don’t understand why separation/divorce has to result in mutual hatred/resentment. It could, of course, but it doesn’t have to.

That’s just tech jargon.