How to send a PM?

I was able to do this in the past on the other board, but now that I want to do it here, it’s not obvious to me how to do it.

I click on their name and a little box comes up listing their badges, etc., but I don’t see any button to send a PM…)

(I’m sure it’s obvious, just not to me.)

Thanks for any help.

There should be a “message” icon

I just sent you a message.

Click on the person’s avatar. You’ll get this:

Click “Message” and you’re off and running.

edit: Guvnah beat me to it

And I know this because someone had to explain it to me.

Now you can pay it forward some day.

Just pay attention to the subject line and add member parts. You can easily get them mixed up and then you are wondering why it wont send for 5 minutes

Interesting. I did do that initally but I don’t get the blue Message box. I think I must have an out-of-date browser or Flash or whatever it is.

Problem solved?

Friendly reminder, this board has a beautifull dark theme that is easier on the eyes. You can change it on your profile settings.

Check my post above regarding the dark theme :wink:

And as a side-note for those CSS inclined, the Stylish add-on for FireFox or Chrome will allow you to shape and color this forum to your heart’s content.

It won’t help with the lagging though.

Great tip.
What lagging? I notice a bit of it in my cheap smartphone, but on the laptop i have no issues.

The lagging normally depends on the list of crawlies demanding to load before the forum software.

ok, got it.
i see that you are using ublock. i have been using adblock plus for years (on chrome), too lazy to check if there are better options.
ublock is superior to adblock plus?

In my opinion, it is, though that’s still based on 4+ years ago. I left AdBlock when I found Facebook winning the ad-war. I don’t even get the popups saying I’m blocking popups with uBlock.

The problem I needed Guv’s help with is solved.

The PM message is not solved because my browser doesn’t show the PM buttom when I pull up someone’s profile. So I can respond to PMs but can’t send them.

I’m sure it’s a simple fix - activate Java or Flash or whatever - but I can’t be bothered. I usually never send PMs.

Tks, will check it out.

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ok :+1:

Upper right corner, click your avatar. A page will pop up, three icons on upper right, the middle one is shaped like an envelope. Click it and you will come to your pm page. There should be a large icon that says “New Message”. Click it and you will start a new message. Manually add recipients of your pm.

Thanks, Lucy, but I don’t get the New Message icon.

Either I’ve got some kind of blocker on my browser, or flash or java is turned off or something.

But I don’t send PMs so it’s all right. This was just a one-time thing, with Guv, who gave me some travel info.