How to identify "systemic whiteness."

From Oregon of course. The land of loons and goons. Ok libs. You’re being pretty vague here. You’re leaving more questions than answers.

  1. What the hell is systemic whiteness? Can I have two or three of your best examples? How do we know it when we see it? People need something real and obvious.

  2. How do we confront it? What are we supposed to do?

  3. What have you done to confront your own “whiteness?”

  4. Are the people who came up with this idea, simply bat ■■■■ crazy lunatics and crybabies?

Full disclosure. I expect no real answers.

Major University Trains Its Faculty in ‘Confronting Systemic Whiteness’ – RedState

Never heard of it.

The important thing is that it isn’t in K-12 faculty.

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Can’t wait…

Everything seems to point back to Oregon State sooner or later. One school. Maybe they want to be trendsetters, but this doesn’t appear to yet be a national movement of any sort.

You have now. Remember, there was a time when you had never heard of Systemic racism either.

Now that you’ve heard of it, what do you think of it?

Not worth my time to research it, so, nothing. It can probably be traced to a single professor. Maybe I’ll change my tune if it spreads significantly, but until then, don’t care.

Good! Most libs won’t call out other libs spreading hogwash. Thanks for acknowledging the Woke nut cases. (Which is pretty much all of wokeness.)

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Show up to work in black face. Say you’re just confronting your own whiteness.

You’re joking.

Indeed. Then another. Then another…


Everything in the OP.

The Sun Source is Columbia and Harvard. It migrated to Oregon.

Everything that came up in a search of systemic whiteness I was able to trace to Oregon and not much else. Maybe it’s a nascent movement, but at the moment, that’s all it is.

They’re trying to change the packaging. Goes back to W. E. B. DuBois.

Just another name for white privilege.

Try “Whiteness Studies”.

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12 years ago.

There are two types of lefties. Those who support bat ■■■■ crazy wokies and those who act like they don’t exist.


So it’s a bigass movement but nobody’s ever heard of it? :rofl:

The good people of Portland has a plethora of different cities to move to get away from whiteness. I have noticed in my time in the PNW the people griping the most of whiteness or white people live in the most white cities in the U.S.

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They would in many cases likely have to move away from themselves.

Arguably “systemic whiteness” means that white Antifa terrorists are freed without bail and rarely prosecuted. Meanwhile their victims are ignored.