How to get Moby Dick to federal court?

I guess they got Moby Dick out of his house, but he had to be diverted to a medical center so his appearance in Federal Court has been delayed.

They are going to eventually sentence this man and put him in a Federal Medical Center somewhere

I got a better idea. Sentence him to home confinement. Put him back in his house and seal him in. Not like he is going to run off. :smile: If he stays home, his food and health expenses are his own problem to deal with. As soon as he shows up in the Bureau of Prisons, the taxpayers are on the hook for feeding and spray washing Moby Dick.

BTW, when he finally does reach the Federal Courthouse, he will have to be winched up on the loading dock of the Federal Courthouse and wheeled in, he is too big to make it through any of the entrances.

Oh and he can’t wear clothes, so the court doesn’t want to blind the public with this monstrosity. :smile:

This reminds me of one of my favorite TV series, Monk.

Dale The Whale.

If you watch “My 600 lb Life” you’ll see people like that transported all the time.
I’ve seen one who had to be put in a moving van because they wouldn’t fit in an ambulance. They frequently have to saw the door wider to get them out of the house.
The biggest one I’ve seen on there was a little over 800 lbs.

I’ve seen exactly one episode of “My 600 lb Life”, & actually felt sorry for the young woman on the show. She had always been on the heavy side growing up, but stepped up her hiding behind food when sexual abuse by her stepfather started.

I’ve heard this behavior is common in such situations, the individual trying to make themselves undesirable to the abuser. 900 lbs, though?:hot_face:

Just how does someone accomplish becoming the weight of a horse? Perhaps I’m better off not knowing.

There are actually a number of possibilities.

The heaviest man who ever lived, estimated to weigh 1,400 pounds at his peak weight, had a form of edema that resulted in water retention, the estimate being that 900 of his 1,400 pounds was the weight of retained fluid.

Most who reach extreme sizes have an underlying medical condition of some sort.

Still it is not inevitable that they reach such a size. Some simply refuse to seek help.

I watch it all the time. They all claim they were abused. They all lie about how much they eat. They will tell the doctor that they eat only one meal a day- a piece of lean meat and a salad- or something like that.
The doctor tells them they are lying and sends then home with a 1200 calorie diet.

Most of them come back the next month and they haven’t lost anything or they have gained. They swear they have stayed strictly on the diet.
Part of the show is filming them at home. They will eat huge platefuls of greasy food or two or three pizzas and eat all day long.
In extreme cases when they will not lose, the doctor puts them in the hospital so their eating can be controlled. Many times they will have a friend or family member sneak food in for them.
It comes on tonight with a new episode. Watch it and you’ll see what I’m talking about.


Damn, they’re wasting a ton of resources…

Gotta work tonight. I’ll try to catch some more episodes on YouTube.

There are some who fail to lose weight, but others whose problems become too much for them & they take charge of their lives, like this guy:

He died from diabetes related heart disease two years ago. I remember one article about him saying he ordered Chinese stir fry in a hospital room a day before a scheduled amputation, then asked himself “What in the Hell is wrong with you, when food got you into this predicament?” He went onto 100lb weight loss & control of his disease.