How to Deal with the FearMongering from the Media and Social Over CoronaVirus?

I think some of the fighters realize it’s time to START wiping their asses, just like it’s time to START washing their hands.

On the plus side, corona virus may generate less interest in remaining hygienically challenged for more individuals.

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Not possible for me. I work in retail, so I have to answer when asked by customers where the hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol is every one of the twenty times in a day that I’m asked the question. I’ve stopped turning away from what I’m doing because answering it is so tedious now.

People in the US dont realize the extreme measures taken in other countries to reduce the spread. We are in for a very rude awakening.

I am not watching the news…I check my own professional sources…of my state and of the nation. I work off the actual numbers rather than the projections and models…especially those that exponentially project 1000% increases over what this disease has done already…

There are only 79,470 actual cases in the world right now. Of course that may have changed in the past two hours. But think about this. We keep hearing the same number of 156,000 plus. We do not hear about the almost 73,000 recovered. And in the past two weeks that number has greatly increased world wide.

China and Italy are taking drastic measures to slow it down. The US is just starting to take SOME of thise measures.

So, when you look at global #s you need to take into account what other countries are doing compared to the US

Spain has now gone into lockdown.

Italy, France and Spain - 3 of the top 5 tourist destinations in the world.

The state of Florida where I live would sink like a stone without tourism. Over a hundred fifty million people a year visit here.

My country has had the double whammy: the bushfires followed by the coronavirus pandemic. This has impacted our tourism and now is seriously impacting on our tertiary education sector. It is becoming increasingly likely that our two footy codes will not continue in the short term. The Sydney-Melbourne air route is one of the busiest in the world. If demand is significantly reduced then it will have a major economic impact as well.

It seems incredible that the agenda that this “is just like the flu” is still being pushed.