How to Deal with the FearMongering from the Media and Social Over CoronaVirus?

Is there anyone besides me who are sick & tired over the fearmongering from the media and social media over CoronaVirus?

They acted like it’s the second coming to The Black Plaque.

How do you prevent the fearmongering from affecting your sanity, and how do you deal with it?

Can you define “fear mongering”?

Play a video game or watch something else.

Just turn it off.

That ■■■■ will get you depressed

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Easy. Ignore it.

I deal with it by avoiding news coverage and muted the words CORONAVIRUS and COVID-19 from Twitter.

don’t watch cable news.

Pretty impossible to ignore it around here. They canceled the talent show at my kid’s school over it. Some schools closed. My company is reminding us to take out laptops home everynight in case we have to work from home.

If you think there’s been an overreaction in America, you should see how they’re handling it in Asia. Nothing else is on the news and everyone is wearing a face mask.

How is this for an idea? Let the experts be in charge and people not using their “hunches” to be the basis for comments.

I would say just realize that we are leaning more about it every day so have more tools to fight with or at least to educate with.

If you’re not in a high risk group then you’ll probably be just fine.

What should wake everyone up and be more concerned about is that pharmaceutical compounds and 95% of our antibiotics are manufactured in China.

That is not wise, nor should bringing that back home to be manufactured be a partisan issue.

Tucker makes some excellent points here:

“Tucker makes some excellent points…” :crazy_face:

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Did you watch the commentary? What do you or do you not agree with?

I am!

Was just in the local library yesterday, and the staff were SERIOUSLY conversing about wearing vinyl gloves while cleaning with Clorox wipes.

It’s pretty ridiculous this new found emphasis on behaviors that should have been taking place all along, like hand washing after relieving oneself and cleaning with Clorox. I think some of these individuals must also have discovered later in childhood it was time to get out of that diaper.

Once you realize those who are fear mongering are the same sick people that pushed the Russian collusion lie it’s not as bad.


You’re right. Nothing to change your habits over. Carry on.

We expect him to, after all he’s not one of those freaks that pushed the Russian collusion hoax!

I actually find the response to this whole thing quite amusing.

Particularly the cows fighting over toilet paper. :rofl:

On another note.

I have never owned a container of hand sanitizer and have never used the stuff and never will. Part of the problem is that humans have become ridiculous germ freaks.

On the contrary, when my children came home from the hospital after being born, they were introduced to the family pets right away. They got slurped by the dogs and sniffed by the cat. And they got introduced to all the pathogens so that their immune system could naturally build up from the exposure.

Basic hand washing and cleanliness is one thing.

But humans NEED a certain amount of exposure to pathogens.


I believe they have both been charged with affray.

There’s lots of things happening where I work.

The college president emails updates from Governor DeWine to keep us apprised on changes.

So far they’ve enacted more in depth nightly cleaning, distributed hand sanitizer to every office and installed sanitizer hand stations throughout hallways. Teachers are to tolerate extended absences and allow longer timeframes to submit assignments. Some athletic and non-crucial type get-togethers are postponed or cancelled.

Contingency plans are being made in case anything more needs to happen. Do I like knowing I’m in the middle of a constant turnstile of student traffic when it comes to contagious seasons? No, but I’m glad to be kept informed.

Why is ■■■■ paper more important now then before the virus? Are they expecting to wipe their asses more?