How to buy Greenland

According to Wikipedia, Greenland has a significant amount of self-autonomy and a majority of its citizens favor further autonomy from Denmark:

Nearly 90% of its citizens are of Inuit ancestry whose ancestors arrived from Alaska. On cultural grounds most of its citizens would be more allied to Inuit Alaskans rather than to the Danes.

On the main wiki article sidebar, the per capita GDP is given at about $37,000. And this wiki article gives the adult population as about 40,000 out of 56,000 people:

Why not make every adult Greenlander a millionaire? This would cost $40 billion. But we could spread it out over a few years. Over 5 years each Greenlander would get $200,000 per year.


And what would we get in exchange for these payments?
Ownership of the land (and the right to kick the current owners off unless they pay rent.)

See, the Greenland Inuit do talk to the Alaskan Inuit who talk to the Dineh. So the Greenland Inuit do know what will happen to them and their connection to the land. They also see how Puerto Rico is treated, so they are probably suspicious of becoming a US territory.

â– â– â– â– â–  grabbers like Trump need to learn that No means No.


Louisiana and Florida are happy

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Why is this even a thing… because our moron in chief said it?

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It’s the Greenest New Deal. MAGA Country.

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The Seminole who were driven from their homes by Jackson aren’t happy. The escaped slaves who found a home in Fl before it became a state weren’t happy with statehood.

Similarly with the people who called Louisiana home before the US bought it.


Why is it not at all a thing? Because the President likes it? And “orange man bad” ?

There is a process called “negotiation”. It happens all the time in real life. I see a house I like and approach the owner to see if they are willing to sell. If they say " No, " I can assume they are never going to sell at any price, or I can approach them again with a more attractive offer. I can give up, as losers habitually do, or I go fishing and hunting for this house, as winners tend to do. There is nothing stupid or immoral or disrespectful in continuing to look for a win win agreement with the house owner.

Trump is a winner. Those who are offended that he is legitimately pursuing what he sees as a great real estate deal for the USA, and a great security deal for NATO, are probably not psychologically and habitually winners.


I couldn’t have asked for a better response. You have no clue why you think we need Greenland, just that Trump said something and you are compelled to defend him with silly platitudes. Have you hugged a flag this morning?


He is a deal maker. This is him playing chess while Denmark plays checkers. We will not let the libs snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. MAGA

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I don’t really want to make every one of them a millionaire. Can’t we just give them some vouchers to Golden Corral and tuition credits at Trump U ?

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How about a start a GoFundMe to help Trump purchase Greenland and become a millionaire myself like that GoFundMe border wall guy? I bet some folks on here would donate at least a 10-spot just because they think it’s funny and that it makes libs head explode.

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Demonstrably it can be shown that Trump does not know no means no.

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The “house” in this case doesn’t have an owner, and certainly Denmark doesn’t have title to Greenland. It’s clear that Trump lacked some very basic knowledge before babbling away, as is so frequently the case.

You knew that Denmark doesn’t own Greenland, though, right? Right?

You’re a mind-reader now? Greenland has mineral resources. It has an environment suitable for testing military equipment in arctic conditions. It has a 200 mile limit for marine resources. It could provide a good place to test equipment for dark side of the moon and martian environments. It would be a way for Denmark to recompense the US for Denmark’s defaults in NATO contributions. It could save Denmark the cost of looking after the territory. Greenlanders themselves might prefer to live under the protections of the US constitution, rather than suffer under the autocracy of the unelected EU bureaucracy. It would provide the US with a presence in the arctic counterbalancing those of Russia and China.

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So even though Denmark doesn’t own Greenland, Denmark should sell Greenland to Trump to repay NATO contributions?


There is an opera house with harbour views and a coat hanger I can sell to Trump. I don’t own them but it apparently isn’t an impediment. As a sweetener I will throw in the toaster as well.


Why not? Maybe he can become the greatest opera singer in the world? (Not that he isn’t already!)

There is a whole lot of crazy on this forum lately, isn’t there?

Who said they SHOULD exchange their relationship with Greenland for something they would consider as an acceptable trade? I was giving some reasons why the US having Greenland as a protectorate would be a positive move for the US - something cynic thought I had no ideas on.

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:rofl::rofl: They can not sell Greenland.

You may have a rather simplistic view on what trade is. What authority do you think Denmark has within Greenland. And on what basis did they acquire it? And do they need to keep it? And is it transferable to another sovereign state?

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