How to achieve single party rule in 4 easy steps

Come and get em.

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Don’t own one.

Miss the word official?

put up better candidates. or convince people you are better political party. i have no idea what you want to do here.

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If only there was some way to overturn those darned elections you won’t like in Texas…hmmmmmm.

LOL, that knee flew up pretty hard. Please re read the post was responding to.

Thanks for the reminder. I have to get to the gym today. My gunz need work. I only managed 32 chin ups last time.

Why take 4 steps when we only need 1?

  1. Grant Puerto Rico statehood

New England Emigrant Aid Company (originally the Massachusetts Emigrant Aid Company). 1854

we all know it’s not a law for USA to take in poor, tired and huddled masses seeking freedom. some of us still believe USA is that place the world look up to as definition of freedom.

By deflecting I guess you lose.


Here is what you are missing. If democrats do that, they will inevitably rush ever further left and that will push some states from the blue to the red column. Blue state or red state isn’t written in stone.

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Biden says he’s coming for them.

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Wait. You put up Biden. A brain dead, half wit, lying, greedy, dumbass who is afraid of his own shadow and will sign any paper Nancy throws on his desk? So you think all the illegals that your corrupt clowns will be mailing ballots to are simply looking for a better republican candidate to support? That’s your take? C’mon Man. I came here for a debate and I get this drivel? Please.

The states that are trending blue will switch course? Not buying it.

I honestly don’t know why they are waffling on this now. They seemed all in before Biden was elected. But in his typical chicken ■■■■ style, Biden totally avoided taking a position.

Didn’t say the states would change, I said democratic policy will. And that will cause a counter shift in some of the closer states. Not every democrat is far left.

It’s called presenting policies that appeal to the majority of Americans.

The democrats do it. And have won the plurality of votes in 7 of the last 8 presidential elections.

You know have an appealing message and don’t kow tow to special interest groups.


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I’m fine with that. It would mean a lot of what I want would already be implemented