How to achieve single party rule in 4 easy steps

  1. Stop all border enforcement. No deportations, no arrests. Nothing.

  2. Legalize up to 20 million invaders and send the message that all are welcomed in. Unscreened.

  3. Mail election ballots to all of them.

  4. Remove election security from the states and put the federal democratic establishment in charge.

There you have it. Pretty basic.

Joe Biden Recommits to Amnesty for Illegal Aliens as 17M Are Jobless (

Looks like that is the game plan for the dems.

The country will be much the worse for it.

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Actually just one step and it’s already done.

Put a crazy, incompetent orange mad man into office and put blind loyalty to the madman instead of the country.

That’s a quick way to turn country to the dems.


“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…”

No thanks.

Luckily that isn’t happening

Trump was ready to do this. But it’s a problem if Biden does?

Every party up to today is responsible for the illegals in the country.

So me one illegal immigrant who received, submitted, and had their ballot counted.

Link to this policy from Biden?

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The country voted in biden.

You’ll have your chance again in 4 years.

The country will be fine.

If the dems survived 4 years of trump

The republicans can survive 4 years of Biden.



Good thing that wasn’t the case when your ancestors migrated here.

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Totally different era with totally different set of circumstances. And I don’t think I would be all that unhappy living in England or Finland either so…

Ah the benefits of hindsight


No free speech in the UK.


And since I lived my first thirty years in poverty, not sure it was such a great move for my ancestors to have come here. It sure took a long time to pay off.

Here either, unless you are independently wealthy anyway.

And put them on government assistance? That’s not breathing free. That’s being taken care of.

Somebody should take that statement out from statue of liberty. It has no meaning now.

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It never had any official meaning, it’s not a law, it’s a poem.


You left out simply overturning elections and sending a mob to attack the government so the president will illegally stay in power. It could work next time.

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Reagan won Texas by 27 points. He also won California. Texas has been going blue ever since. It’s down to 5 points now. Have you seen anything to stop this trend?

When Texas goes blue, the democratic party will begin the election with 257 electoral votes in its pocket. Single party authoritarian rule is here. The upside is that you will hate authoritarian rule as well. Everybody does. You just don’t know it yet.

What about yo gunz?

Poem has no meaning? then the bible verses on the poor will be a shock to you.