How to achieve Financial Mobility - and maintain it once you've got "there."

In searching the internet for a story from years ago about a community that had to cancel its financial classes for the poor because it was also offering unpopular - but common sense, IMHO - life advice, I came across several articles talking about financial classes for the poor.

Most of the opinions shared said they either did no good - the poor just didn’t have the wherewithal to do what these financial classes wanted them to do - or not needed, as anyone who wanted to take a financial class was showing that they were ready to head in the right direction and therefore didn’t need any advice.

Here’s one article about that:

So in this thread I’d like to discuss the poor, and the working poor, and is it possible to get them into the lower middle class or even middle class…

And also, for the middle class and even those hovering just on the brink of wealth…how to keep what you’ve got.

It’s certainly possible for the middle class to plunge into poverty if someone gets addicted to gambling or drugs, for example… but how to prevent that from happening?

You forgot the most important reason why many in the middle class plunge into poverty…healthcare.

reasonable spending and not keeping up with the jones’

Example. Do you need the latest greatest Iphone everytime they release one? Or will a $100 smart phone do the trick. Do you need to pack up on go on a mini vacation every two or three months dropping money on food/gas/lodging?

Get a career like mine where your company AND industry associations send you on trips all the time on their dime. :smile: You would be surprised just how much better fine food tastes when you aren’t paying for it. :smile: