How the hell could anyone in Portland vote for a democrat?

I’m talking locally. Nearly two and a half months of violence, arson, street closures, random assaults and the democrats of Portland don’t do ■■■■■ They throw the police under the bus and cower to the goons. How the hell could anyone in Portland say to themselves: “This is great. What we need is more of this!” They could end this mess today if they had the guts or were not sympathetic to the goons. Anyone who votes for these clowns gets exactly what they deserve. Mayhem, violence and chaos.

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can’t fix stupid.

dimocrats voting for local, state and federal dimocrats across the board and they’re so happy with their leadership they want to tear the place apart and burn it to the ground.

And they think this is what the rest of the country wants.

Trump in a landslide.

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How the hell can anybody vote for a pathological liar?

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I say that about everyone who still support Trump. So I agree…can’t fix stupid.

If I lived there, I wouldn’t vote for anyone on the local level who’s complicit in the status quo

In person or mail in I suppose.


I hope the city burns to ground…and those people aren’t allowed to escape. Stupid should be painful.


Or TDS… :roll_eyes:

Woah, relax.

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People voted for Obama :woman_shrugging:t2:

We already know your opinion if Trump. We’ve heard it 1000 times. This is about Portland.



Thing is, we like what Trump has done. Prior to Covid, things had never been better. And the economy is beginning to recover again.

Do you think the people of Portland are happy with the way their nimrods have screwed this whole thing up? They Tried to blame Trump. And after the feds left what happen? A whole lot of arson and violence.

This is the result when encourage and allow mob rule. You get the government you vote for.

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Yep. They could stop it tomorrow if they were not so terrified of upsetting their antifa friends.

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How the hell can anyone in America vote Democrat this year.

This is actually the easiest election of my lifetime…

There’s not a Democrat out there worth considering.

I grew up on Oregon. Portland used to be the most beautiful city…nut job Democrats are destroying that city and will do the same to that state, along with their neighbors to the north and south.

It’s disgusting…


What is your suggestion for a solution?

Oregon has been mostly run by Democrats since 1988. Are you saying that it has been bad for 32 years?
Seems to me that this Portland deal is the only one of these types of things that has happened there. Am I right?

Have you paid any attention to the ■■■■ mayor dumbass Wheeler and that commie witch Kate Brown have allowed the last 70 some days? Three decades of idiots in the governors mansion and running the legislature I m sure have led up to this. The state I love is the part of Oregon outside of Portland and salem where there’s still some common sense. What’s being done to Portland is proof beyond a reasonable doubt that Democrats cannot be trusted.

Antifa BLM sickos have been trying to destroy property and the people inside…you know attempted arson and murder. Those criminal acts should be punishable by mass arrests … Ted wheeler’s lame ass response was to whimper that they are helping Trump.

Sorry…I have no use for Democrats…everything I see that is bad in America right now…BLM, antifa violence, election fraud, a failed coupe to de legitimize the guy I voted for, the childish green new deal, a senile old racist named joe Biden…all Democrats. This defund the police stupidity while city’s like Portland burn. All Democrats…All Useless