How the Biden regime fakes hate crimes stats with the help of the FBI

Tucker did a great story a on this. The Biden admin is saying hate crimes are way up, and I think that’s so they can expand their reign of tyranny and fool their voters. Thus causing more division in the country.

  • They harassed police and govt agencies to report more hate crimes since few were.
  • They change the definition of hate crimes.
  • And now want hate crime accusation to be reported even when proved to be false… ( = reports of hate crimes are way up) See how that works?

FBI stuff starts at 3:19 in…

Fake stats for fake news…

This is pretty amazing in correlation with your smash and grab thread.

Does the dissonance hurt?

Hate crimes should be reserved to very specific instances and even then hate crimes are a joke. It’s called crime

What about reporting hate crimes that prove to be false, so they can say “reported” hate crimes are up?

No sure what this means…

Yea it’s an agenda like with any other crime. Like burglary for example

Decrying making something seem more prevalent than it is.

Yes, because that’s dishonest. That’s what BIden and the fed govt is doing. That’s what the news has been doing for decades and 1000 times more since Trump.

It most certainly is dishonest. That comprehension should be applied across the board.

As usual, entirely unsourced, and we are to believe that it’s true just because Carlson say so.

I can’t find any supporting info here, if anybody has supporting links they’d like to post, I’d be interested in seeing it.

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A study by Dr. Winfred Reilly found that about 2/3 of reported hate crimes are fake, but the FBI includes the fakes in the reported hate crimes.

Mr. Reilly eventually compiled a database of 346 hate-crime allegations and determined that less than a third were genuine. Turning his attention to the hoaxes, he put together a data set of more than 400 confirmed cases of fake allegations that were reported to authorities between 2010 and 2017. He allows that the exact number of false reports is probably unknowable, but what can be said “with absolute confidence is that the actual number of hate crime hoaxes is indisputably large,” he writes. “We are not speaking here of just a few bad apples.”

It took almost four years for the FBI to admit that the 2017 assassination attempt on Republican members of congress by a Bernie supporter was really a terrorist attack. They have a record of twisting the truth to fit political narratives.


Here’s something…

"The FBI is engaged in a nationwide effort to build public awareness of hate crimes and encourage reporting to law enforcement. "

Maryland police departments reported 40 hate crimes last year, about twice as many as they reported in 2019, and more than one-third of those crimes targeted African Americans, according to a new FBI survey.

**Athorities, however, say too many hate crimes go unreported. The FBI plans to launch a public awareness campaign next week with radio commercials and advertisements on city buses encouraging people to report these crimes. Officials plan to post fliers in Asian and Latino markets, too.

Yes, I actually saw these when I was searching. You will notice that they dont support Carlson’s assertion that the administration bullied agencies ont inflating their stats.

Anyway, thanks!

I expect that the mass murder in Waukesha will not be classified as a hate crime in the FBI statistics.

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When I consider what happened in Waukesha with approximately 60 people injured, 6 dead including small children, Christians being attacked by Antifa for publicly praying, police officers around the nation being treated with hate, even though they risk their lives for pay that doesn’t compensate the risk or consider the reaction of students at ASU, the POTUS and the mainstream media to Kyle Rittenhouse…all while labeling vicious arson, destruction of property and the newer group smash/grab thefts going on as “mostly peaceful protests” or little to no coverage, plus little to NO hate crimes indicating “white supremacy” that the FBI said was our nation’s number one threat…yes the accurate portrayal of true hate crimes is FAKE!

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And they wonder why Desantis is forming a state guard.

Nothing to do with this topic. State guard organizations are fully funded and equipped by the states and can not be nationalized under Title 10 at the whim of a President. And state guard formations are organized around state priorities. National Guard formations are organized around DOD priorities. A state might want more engineer, transportation and logistics or medical formations, but DOD needs might call for Brigade Combat teams. DOD funding will go where DOD needs it, not where the state needs it. That is the reason for State Guard formations