How subjective is the Asylum process?


Not so.


They are not refugees.


So would the cities they go to in the US.


Two points. We already know that most if not all the people coming from Central America are economic migrants if we are going by strict Asylum laws. Second as has been pointed out if the max quota is 30,000 then what obligation does the US have to try and adjudicate over a million claims?


Those caravan asylum seekers know more about laws then we do ourselves. They get legal advice & financial help every step of he way on what to say and how to say it. They are recycling children and ICE and DHS report seeing the same child in supposed family more then once. It’s hideous. And only Congress can fix the asinine asylum laws to STOP it.


The U.S has a obligation to process everyone who step foot on U.S soil, setting up a camp in Mexico or even in other central counties would take the pressure off the border and DHS who have to house them.

again that is if your issue is caravans and you wish to solve that issue.


That is up to a judge.


Actually, it’s not.

And now you’ve answered your own incessant question about Trump and catch and release.


They are released pending meaning they need to show up at court where a Judge will determine their claim is valid or not.

like I said I though Trump ended catch and release.


Only if they appeal. The first determination is not made by a judge.

No, a judge did.

You want to show a law bad? Enforce it.


I think that most Democrat Politicians should be put in insane Asylums. lol.




There’s no Constitutional obligation for the United States to do this.


The asylum laws need to be changed. The immigration system needs to be reformed and updated. Unfortunately, that is not likely going to happen anytime soon.