How Socialized Medicine Actually Works:

Obamacare didn’t fix anything, just ran up costs times 4.

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How many people making this complaint already get Medicare?

A lot im sure.

Also, steven chowder is a homophobe and transphobe.

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You are right but the democrats will go headlong into it & take the economy off a cliff to get their utopia, which doesn’t & cannot exist.

They are sold on socialism & it’s cultish religion. They can’t see because they refuse to look objectively.

They will impoverish themselves & the country as long as they “Win” politically, no matter how much the consequences.

Our universities & public schools do an excellent job at indoctrination, so good the indoctrinated don’t even know how manipulated they are.

I’m old enough to remember how much freedom we USED to have, & see how much incrementally we have lost. The good old days weren’t all good, but freedom always comes at a price, & includes choices. The left doesn’t like choices, they like power & telling everyone what to do.

The new mantra is “compliance” & I hear it all the time. Well, “compliance” comes at a cost too, & eventually it will cost us all everything. If they had tried all this when I was growing up, the immediate answer would be NO!, this is America! That would come from democrats or republicans, & whoever tried that would be voted out of office.

The JFK democrats had more sense. Today JFK would be a pariah…


OR…maybe he doesn’t approve of the homosexual life choice like me?

Disapproval isn’t the same as a phobia. Phobia = fear. I don’t fear, I just don’t applaud or approve.

Just like my 2 gay nephew’s, they know I don’t hate them, they know I love them, but they understand I don’t approve, & we get along.

One of them is always getting in poverty, & he many times has lived rent free in one of my rentals till he got on his feet.

I don’t try to run his life, I encourage him to better himself when opportunity presents itself, but I don’t browbeat or judge, both knows what I believe & are not offended.

In a free country one is not FORCED to applaud something they disagree with. The left wants to cram it down our throats. I say no.

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Around this area many doctors don’t accept patients on Medicare or Obamacare. The ones that do see it as partial charity & help them, because it doesn’t pay enough to cover actual costs, even though it’s as costly as it is.

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That didn’t really answer the question now did it?

Maybe not, but it did shine a light on the absurdity of leftist ideaology.

That’s cool, man. Chowder is not like you.

Medicare is leftist ideology.

Should we get rid of it completely?

I’ll just accept that as a compliment from you with thanks, I don’t know everything about Chowder, you may know more.

Still, if he does have some bad things about him, as we all do, if what he showed in the video is the TRUTH, & it certainly looks like it is, the truth is the truth & should be accepted, regardless who the messenger is.

There are people I dislike, but if they speak the truth to me, I MUST accept it, & do, but then, I don’t hate people, even my enemies. Everyone has their faults, & my past is such I have no right to look down on anyone, well, with the exception of pedophiles, rapists, & serial killers, lol.

I doubt more than a handful don’t accept obamacare or Medicare. If the didn’t they would have few patients

No, but it should be changed. I don’t think we need most government programs. Rather than have the government run so many things, BECAUSE any government is inefficient, slow, & overly costly in the things they administer, because it is THE NATURE of government - Instead, let it be privately run & just funded by government.

Instead of it being run by the government, write a check to State Farm. It’s ok to have oversight to see to it there is no graft & include regulations as long as they are not overbearing & run into tons of paperwork.

To me, there are things the government should do, courts, police, military, mail, prisons & fire protection. I very much am opposed to private prisons, there is too much abuse with them & incentive to put too many in jail. But most other things just hire it done.

That’s not socialism, any government needs to take care of certain things, but mercy, not everything & not control freaking everything. It creates an all powerful government.

You just described Single Payer Health Care


Bigoted against whom?

There are many. I had Obamacare for a while, & was often told they didn’t accept it. Many was doctors I had used for years. I had to search out to find ones who would & had a lot of long drives & wait times.

No. I just described government run healthcare, I didn’t say for everyone, I was referring only to the poor.

Why only the poor?

Why not everyone?

Have the government pay private companies to administer health care. Works for the poor and the elderly… why stop there? Socialism is good enough for them.

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There’s no actual insurance called obamacare.
You choose your insurance from a list. The choices are most of the big companies. So unless the doc doesn’t take blue cross or Aetna or United healthcare or the other big companies he takes an obamacare plan