How Socialized Medicine Actually Works:

Let’s take a trip north & visit our friends in Canada…

You should never take anything Crowder says seriously. He’s biased and bigoted.


:clap::clap::clap: thread killer.

Only for the intellectually lazy

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Not at all. You didn’t look at the video.

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Which, coincidently, described most of Crowder’s fan base.

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Says you.

Don’t need to. It’s Steven “Socialism is for ■■■■” Crowder


Welp, that does it for me. One random youtube video posted by an anonymous internet poster and I’m convinced.

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So, you’re just trolling this thread?

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Nothing would convince anyone against their will or closed mind.

You keep paying 33% to insurance companies that add ZERO benefit to your healthcare. I want something better.

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Move to Cuba.

Michael Moore says they have the best healthcare in the world!

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How about we fix the one here instead of pretending it’s GREAT!

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What makes you think government sponsored healthcare will be an improvement? Do the odds favor increased consumer choice, quality of care, and innovation - or is the more likely outcome slashing budgets and services to cover 330 million citizens and anybody that walks across the border? I’m under no delusions that we have zero issues in our healthcare system, but total federal control with giveaways to non-citizens will bankrupt whatever Democrats think they can create.


Liberals always think they know more then those who live or die with socialized medicine or those who have escaped oppressive regimes, it’s incredible just how much liberals don’t know! :roll_eyes: Crowder went right to the source, the Canadian middle to lower class, so they either didn’t watch the video or think they know better and probably believe the likes of Michael Moore.

What I know of Canada’s health care system is from my American/Canadian son in law and his American mother who is a nurse and she only works in the USA and leaves her family In Canada for up to 6 months a year to work. She told me once that if you have an accident and break a bone you can get emergency treatment but if you need a hip replacement, well then you’ll have to wait as much as a year or longer. :roll_eyes:


No, I’m saying the video posted by the OP is unreliable and biased.

The Canadians pay way more for nearly no care. It’s terrible.