How Picky Are YOU?


And peppers are fruits, while strawberries are not.

Yet for culinary purposes, you might get away with putting strawberries in your cheesesteak, if you put Anaheim chiles on your breakfast cereal you will regret it. (wink).


Here is something ear friendly for you…
Smithsonian announced they have a spot reserved on the shelves for Maxine’s ugly face.
[picture: me…dancing and singing in joy].


I only eat Lima Beans with lots of butter and salt …


I’m not picky at all. There were some things in Taipei that I couldn’t eat but mostly because I couldn’t pick up the little translucent oval shaped sea creatures… or whatever they were. And in my first of many trips to Turkey, the milk (from the cow that the older mother milked across the street) and cookies baked in sheep fat were kinda difficult. But I can eat just about anything in Turkey now.

I wont eat insects or worms either.


I think being a little picky is a good thing. I will never eat foods with certain consistency. I never eat the darkened tip of the banana, I don’t eat soft apricots, peaches, apples. Figs and walnuts are taboo. for me.




Never used ketchup? I think that is a rarity that has no rival. But I can see where it would not be necessary. Some French fries taste a lot better without ketchup.


Yep, don’t like ketchup, but love spaghetti sauce. Go figure.


I love ketchup with steak …


I meant steak with ketchup … :yum:


If you are like my daughter, she loves spaghetti with ketchup…ewwww.


So you sit down with a nice T-bone and apply ketchup?




Why would anyone ruin a good steak with ketchup???


A lot of people put it on hotdogs too. LOL, just do your bet to look away.


I love hotdogs and burgers. Ketchup never touches anything…from meat to fries. I am curious about mustard though. I like the smell of it.


A bottle of mustard will lasts forever in my house. My wife hates it and I use it on one sandwich only. It doesn’t kill a hotdog, but it’s not making a big improvement either.


The only things on my sammiches is butter. No ketchup, no mustard, no mayo. I go to an expensive restaurant and get a plain burger. Meat and cheese only. No lettuce, no tomato, no onion.


sounds good to me
thick tomatoey ketchup on a great steak


good ketchup