How Picky Are YOU?


Boy can I identify with that.:wink: Many years ago I had a few too many in a bar and ate deep fried smelt. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: The next day when I remembered I almost did a belated ‘toss’!!


Guess gnaw and suck at the same time and hope something brakes off.


Wow, that is a shame, Lou!

Snow crab is so easy to open! Find the light colored side, rip open with a fork and the meat falls out. Dip in butter and YUM!


Agreed. Eating snow crab legs is easier than eating lobster.

Then again Americans are crazy about food convenience. We eat boneless chicken, we seldom eat peanuts with the shells on, whole fruit is practically a decoration in supermarkets, we microwave hot pockets for breakfast, and office workers pay a small fortune for lunch because making our own sandwiches is too much work.

“Don’t fight it, make money off it. They charge more for red sports cars, don’t they?”
~ Me (trying to invent my own food industry slogan.)


I just go to Red Lobster if I must eat crab legs in public. They will crack and pick the meat out for you. Then I dip the goodies in butter and eat to my hearts content. :smile:


Freekeh (Pronounced Free-Kah) is the young green wheat grain that is removed from its husk and chaff after being roasted to remove the seeds husk and the burned chaff.

It is a chewy cereal grain.

It is not gluten free.


Chicago pizza is deep dish pizza. I enjoy it, but only very occasionally–one of my wife’s roommates from colleged was from Chicago, and every year or two, she will send one down to us. It’s great stuff, but I wouldn’t eat it regularly, like I would New York Style.


“Peel me a grape”
~ Cleopatra to her Nubian manslave


Oh, absolutely! :smile:


Eh, I have no problem consuming either.:wink:

Went to Restaurant Depot a couple of weeks ago and bought a case of African lobster tail. Throw it on my Memphis pellet grill wrapped in butter, garlic and tin foil. The underbelly is a piece of cake to cut through.

As far as food convenience, I get what you are saying. Boneless when possible, is a big no-no in this house. Bones are cooked for broth for the nutrition. Yup, add 2 cups of fresh chicken broth to rice instead of just water and the difference is amazing. :ok_hand:


Eh, the last time I was there they watered down the butter. E-GADS do I hate watered down butter! I avoid King crab like the plague. Those darn things will shred your hands! Snow crab (IMO) is better and so easy to make and enjoy :wink:


I personally have never tried any thing but the snow crab at home, was long time ago, remember it was good. We did the boil and some on the grill.

The Red Lobster we have near here is about the best I have been to in 30 years. No problems outside the cost.

My wife loves muscles, speaking of from the sea. I am ok with the flavor, some of them can be flavored up fantastically, but the little amount of meat and its texture just makes them something I avoid.



I could argue Americans should not prefer convenient food. It would be as productive as arguing they should like the flavor of ice cream I like. (IOW I’d be right, but people would never admit it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )


My issue with bones is with my teeth, they are not eat meat off the bone friendly anymore. :frowning:


Sorry to hear that Lou,

I get everything with bones so I can make broth with it. For instance, buy a whole chicken, bake it, take the meat and put it in a zip lock. Then simmer the bones for about 6 hours. Strain and put in a tupperware. In the freezer it goes until you need it. A lot less expensive then buying broth!

Also, bone broth soup is a new trend in nutrition. I have made beef marrow bone soup many times over and it is pretty good and filling. Can’t say there is any scientific evidence behind the hype, but if you are drinking that (which is full of healthy stuff) rather than eating McDonalds so much the better. Turns out to be less expensive than buying soup.

So, it is kind of that I am frugal that I buy as much with bones in it as possible :wink:

Oh, and speaking of this being frugal? Cut the ends off of the green onions and cut the root part off of an onion, stick it in dirt and it will grow. All organic to boot. Add that to the soup :sunglasses:


I hate Brussel sprouts …


They are a mustard green, not small cabbages. If you have a use for mustard greens on your plate use them that way and yoy’ll like them.


I love asparagus with lots of butter and salt …


Yes, and I hate the smell of them. My wife makes them and then the place smells like an outhouse for hours.


I like everything but liver and chitlins. I’ll bet no one here has eaten chitlins.
How about hog head cheese? Yep, I like it.