How Picky Are YOU?


Don’t worry. It’s just hot peppers and macaroni. Kinda like rice-a-roni but with peppers instead of rice. Really. :angel:


I believe you. Thanks. Whew!


I think that was my original point…all about a hypersensitive palate. NOT about an ‘OMG I can’t eat an animal vegan freak’. My taste buds hate veggies…I guess the bottom line is I’m a natural carnivore. My dog’s only eat grass when they need to puke.


Funny you mentioned PB&J above. I’ve never eaten one, yet my youngest son grew up loving them.


You are missing out! Try it with a cold glass of Ovaltine chocolate milk. :slight_smile:


Oh. Actually I thought it was about not eating catsup and other condiments. My bad.

I absolutely have nothing against vegetable proteins, mollusk protein, milk protein egg protein etc… Tofu gan, a truly and actually firm tofu is a staple in my house. Legumes, oats, nuts and seeds, all great.

I personally think most attempts to imitate meat by using soy falls far far short of the mark, and most of them taste bad.

If you make a bean patty because that’s a good way to serve and eat beans, you’re okay with me. If you put it on a bum w/ lettuce and tomato and pretend it is a hamburger alternative I’ll be polite, but inside, I’ll know you need your head examined.


One day I will find someone that as picky as me… I thought it was here…lol.


I was a world traveler when I was younger. I’ve probably eaten eveything w 4 legs, except a chair.


Hubby grew up ‘picky’…then joined the marines in the 60’s and learned to eat anything. I’ve never had the experience of being so hungry that I would eat anything.


lol yeah Marines,
I’ve never met one with a delicate palette.
Strong opinions? Yes, but never one with a delicate palette.


You must know him…lol.


I’m not picky about anything, especially food. Ate many a c-rat and MRE over 30 years in the Marine Corps.


If you met me you’d never suspect I never:
went to a bar,
learned to play solitaire,
nor paper,scissors rock,
never tried rec. drugs,
had no tickets/accidents in 40 years.
I once worked a job reserved for men,
supported kids his-mine-and ours and
I am to modest to brag any further.
If I get brave enough Ill change my name here to “Cool Dudette”.
So…there is that.
[I do miss those emoticons from old board … We need spice on this so blah board].


30 years? WOW.Thank you.


If I didn’t know better, I’d swear you were my Marine hubby. I was a spoiled little witch that never went hungry and hated vegetables… That’s why I love the Marines. Hubby still has my back every dang day.


I can’t abide cantaloupe, YUCK can’t stand the smell! I know its supposed to be good for you but my poor kids and husband only got that at a restaurant certainly not from my kitchen.

Although I love the smell of beef liver and onions frying in a fry pan, I just can’t eat beef liver, but I do like chicken liver and I love turkey necks!


Cantaloupe is one of the few fruits that I like. And I don’t like many (I don’t like strawberries or cherries). How do you eat turkey necks???


I like pretty much all fruits including watermelon but I can’t eat other melons and I can’t stand the smell of cantaloupe! I guess I like turkey necks because I like the dark meat of chicken and turkey its thighs and drumsticks for me and everyone else can have the dry white meat. The meat off the neck of turkey is just so tender and tasty.


I’ve found that things I never liked, I still don’t like. Never liked mustard, still don’t. Don’t eat raw fish. Yogurt is not something to be drunk. Still haven’t figured out what freekeh (sp?) is.

Having said that, deep fry and chocolate coating cover a multitude of sins.


I have a strict diet. Unless I’m drunk, then it’s over.