How one organization is drawing parallels between Trump and Martin Luther King Jr

How one organization is drawing parallels between Trump and Martin Luther King Jr.

About 150 people gathered In a small banquet hall at the Hilton in North Hills on Monday night to honor Martin Luther King Jr.

But they were also there to praise President Donald Trump.

Organized by Black Voices for Trump, a creation of the Trump re-election campaign, the crowd listened to speakers make parallels between what happened during the Civil Rights movement and what is happening in 2020.

“During the Civil Rights movement you couldn’t go into an establishment because of the color of your skin,” said Harrison Floyd, executive director of Black Voices for Trump. “Now, you can get kicked out of an establishment based on your politics. Back then, you couldn’t get a job because of the way you looked. Now, people are getting fired for the way they think.”

The panel and speech Monday featured members of the Black Voices for Trump Advisory Board including:

  • Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson, better known as Diamond and Silk. The North Carolina sisters skyrocketed to fame after urging black voters to switch from the Democratic Party and support Trump. They often appear at North Carolina campaign events with Trump.
  • Clarence Henderson, one of the black N.C. A&T University students who participated in a sit-in at a segregated lunch counter in Greensboro in 1960, which inspired similar sit-ins across the South.
  • Robin Armstrong, a Republican National Committee member from Texas, who was described as the next Ben Carson and future of the Republican Party.

The event also featured a video of Alveda King, the niece of Martin Luther King Jr., who also serves on the board and has backed Trump.

MY COMMENT: Trump is a new voice for a new era, and that is why the Democrats hate his gut. He is delivering on all the promises they made and broke.

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RIP Kobe Bryant. You will be dearly missed.

What promises might those be?

If I thought you really wanted an answer I would answer you. But I know you just want to hate and argue so you can go figure it out for yourself. Trumps accomplishments for blacks are posted throughout this forum. Do your own work.

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Trump support are the new Black people.

If Donald doesn’t achieve at least 88.9% of the black vote this November it is proof beyond a shadow of a doubt that libs have rigged the election just like they did in 2016.

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If Trump doesn’t get 99.9% of the votes in November are you even a democracy anymore?

Donald is all that stands between America and a satanic miscarriage of democracy.


A creation of the Trump Reelection Campaign? Lolol. :joy_cat:

So…they are all being paid by the campaign.

Too funny.

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Look, if we don’t have Donald around to:

  1. Tax the hell out of imported goods via tariffs and then redistribute that wealth to farmers,
  2. Create a new healthcare plan that covers everyone, and
  3. Take the guns first and worry about due process later,

then we’re going to turn into a gun hating socialist trash heap.


Trump had 8 percent of the black vote in 2016. How much do you think that will increase for 2020?



No chance. Based on the improving conditions for people, there is no doubt that he will get more black votes. Less welfare and more work are two really good accomplishments. Decade after decade of liberal policies have not done much to help. He will certainly get more black vote. The only question is how much more.

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“150 people”


Republicans don’t want the black vote. And that is ok with us!


God this is so embarrassing.

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150 people in a nation of 350 million. Proof positive Trump has this one in the bag.

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Next week another organization will examine the parallels between our Lord and Savior, and some obscure guy out of ancient Palestine.

Welcome back! Seems like it’s been a while

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Comparing persecution based on skin color to persecution based on politics is some truly unbelievable next level cow crap. Embarrassing.

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