How OLD am I...or YOU?

Phone books (White/Yellow pages?)

AOL chatrooms?

trucks delivering Milk and sodawater?


Mimeograph machines.

Rotary dial phones.

“Dial up”.

Carbon copy paper.


Pocket Protectors.

Floppy Disks that were really “floppy”.


Milk in a glass containtainer.

Milk in a paper container.

Only one kind of Milk.

5 channels on TV.
5 channels on TV going off at midnight.

Paper change rolls for the bank.

Green Stamps.

Doctors making House calls.

I could go on and on…but I’m old and can’t remember.

Please post what I’ve forgotten and what you remember.

<taking my old butt to bed now. Will check in the morning.

Phone books


Rotary Dial Phones (we had one that was a hideous olive drab color)

Dial Up


Vinyl 45s
Fall out shelters

I’m only in my mid-30s, and I have strong memories of almost everything on this list - except for:

Never had milk or seltzer delivered.

I’ve always had Skim, 1%, 2% and Whole milks.

I remember having 7 channels - 2 was CBS, 4 was NBC, 5 was Fox, 7 was ABC, 9 was UPN, 11 was the WB, and 13 was PBS. If the wind was blowing right, we’d get channel 21, which was a different PBS channel. I did have a really old TV with a “UHF” dial, and I could sometimes get some weird ■■■■ on that TV. Some would go Off Air at night, some would have infomercials, and some channels played re-runs of Martin at 2 am.


You remember fall out shelters?

I remember the signs. They were everywhere.

You can still find them in the City

I remember when I was growing up, they were everywhere, to the point that I stopped noticing them.

It wasn’t until I was in my 20s that I realized I didn’t see them as much as I used to.

Cassette tapes

Parachute pants

Kermit the frog on Sesame Street.

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Yeah but we had the WMCA Good Guys!

I’m too young for AM radio, and so were my parents - they’re in their 70s.

I remember how the guy on 1010WINS would pronounce the Koscuiuszko Bridge, during the traffic report, though - Koss-key-oss-ko.

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Almost 53 here.

33s and 45s (Dad forever repeated American Pie & I Can See Clearly Now, RIP Johnny Nash).

8 track cassettes

Beautiful heads of hair fading in color & having a sort of poodle texture, aka the popularity of the permanent wave

VCR Tapes

Video Rental Stores

Having only 4 or 5 channels, no cable, and it seems when we were kids in both Arizona & Florida, all we got was static with the CBS affiliate.

Black and white

No remote control

“Don’t touch that dial, we’ll be right back.”

Adjusting “rabbit ears”

Saturday morning cartoons

The Wide World of Sports, with Jim McCay

Monday Night Football :football:

I can tell much of Forensic Files on ID is 1990s, ‘cause I sure do remember a particular cordless phone that’s frequently in the re-enactments.

Here’s one in Framingham.

I’m pretty sure there’s still one in a smaller town in the same county—on Lyman Street In Westborough.

That street has a bit of infamy as a site of one of the Massachusetts State Mental Hospital—including this one, where Boston Strangler Albert Desalvo was housed as a teen

Well, how about WNEW FM, “where rock lives”?

By the time I was aware of music radio, WNEW was an Adult Contemporary station, and Q104.3 was the Classic Rock station. I listened to KROCK for a while, and eventually switched to Q104.3.

Sometimes I’d listen to 89.5 - WSOU, Seton Hall’s “Pirate Radio”. They played metal.

Didn’t you mean 78s?

Another good station is WFMU. They play an interesting mix.

My go to station today is WBGO. A jazz station in Newark.

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Most 78s were made from shellac. I have a few but they are pretty much before my time.

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