How Native American Slaveholders Complicate the Trail of Tears Narrative

This is a great article as it shows the complexities of history. How many of you knew that America Indians owned plantation with slaves just like in white plantations. This is not an excuse for the trail of tears. It’s the real history.

“What you probably don’t picture are the numerous African-American slaves, Cherokee-owned, who made the brutal march themselves, or else were shipped en masse to what is now Oklahoma aboard cramped boats by their wealthy Indian masters.”

Is this some kind of weird attempt to make the trail of tears seem not as bad as it was in support of a politician?

are you trying to suggest the trial of tears was a good thing?

how is slavery and trials of tears even comparable, they are two completely separate subjects.

I had lunch today, so world hunger doesn’t exist more news at 11.

Im suspecting its because of a particular trump tweet mocking the trail of tears which also plays well with white nationalists when their previous attempt to erase native history, which is the final step of genocide, failed (vdare). Things like this showed me how utterly dishonest WNs are when they screech about white genocide.

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Why else would the OP drag up a article from a year ago.

The Cherokee were really trying to position themselves to be recognized as their own State with the capital of New Echota being located in the Northwest section of Georgia. They were doing whatever they could to emulate the Europeans in a lot of ways to fight back against the myth that they were simply savages in the wilderness.

In a lot of ways they were trying to be “white” for self preservation.

A good book on this is period is “Jacksonland”

No, it’s to show you the truth about it… History is not just black and white. Lots of grey…

how does this effect the Truth of the government forcibly removing people from their land and forcing them to march across the country in which thousands of them died?

I agree with all of that, except the trying to be white part. They were engaging in the economic circumstances at the time… Why would you think they would not modernize in the face of so much new technology?

Yep. Georgia threatened succession if the Federal Government did not honor a previous pledge to remove the native people and since the Northern States had done so decades before… they didn’t have a leg to stand on.

It doesn’t. It does show whites were not the only slave owners in the Americas. In fact American India’s were enslaving people long before Europeans showed up…

The Ontario government stole my family land off my dying elderly ancestor.

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I don’t recall anyone ever suggesting white people were the only slave owners in Americas.

I said in a lot of ways they were trying to be “white”.

I put that in quotes for a reason.

The Cherokee were already deeply ingrained in the culture of the Southern States. They were the frontier. But they also knew that they couldn’t compete unless they emulated the Europeans coming to North America.

In a wierd twist of logic though, when they formed the Cherokee nation… with all of the trappings that accompany a real State… it was argued that their claim on the land they inhabited was less valid than Georgia because they were a newer political body.

Well obviously all of that gold belonged to the White man.

Yep when her son returned after he death from trapping out west the government said she didn’t fill out the proper paperwork to pass on the land and the government took it. we were forced to move inland.

Two of the most major sins of the founding of this country that have never been properly addressed is the treatment of the native population and African chattel slavery.

I don’t know if we ever fully acknowledge the extent of that damage but until we do the founding principles of life liberty and pursuit of happiness will always be tainted.

It just prove that if the government want something your rights and all the fancy laws you have protecting them are not worth the paper they are written on the government doesn’t care.

The local tribe next to my town got a Royal Decree from the Queen giving them sole right over the fishing in this region, you think the government of Canada gave a ■■■■■ nope they took it. it took the tribe the next 100 years to get their fishing rights back.