How much would Republicans love Trump now if he'd lost the election?

It sounds to me the gripe is that he didn’t walk in lockstep with Trump. Is the goal to have a party with a single voice and no room for dissent, without fear of repercussions from the base?

I guess it makes sense. Only one of the parties coined a phrase that ends “In Name Only” as a means to go after dissenters within the party.

And the type Fox (assuming you separate them from mainstream media) won’t hire because he won’t fawn over and run interference for Trump.

But the “MSM” is biased.

(Hmmmm, I wonder where McConnel would work. He’s pretty foxy but he has held up qualified judicial nominees. That’s a tough one…)

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Quote: “It sounds to me the gripe is that he didn’t walk in lockstep with Trump. Is the goal to have a party with a single voice and no room for dissent, without fear of repercussions from the base?”

Totally skipped over this part:

Notice I’m not saying he can’t still be a Republican. He’s just a MSM type of Republican…one that, say, they would hire in order to show they hire Republicans.

Yes. That’s the no room for dissent without fear of repercussions from the base, I mentioned. Such as being labeled a RINO or an MSM Republican. Both of which are derogatory.

I am assuming as much as the democrats like Hillary. The treat her and avoid her like she is a walking STD.

See you actually don’t understand politics I think. Hillary lost because she was disliked even by many on the left who did not care to even vote for her and bought into her hubris of slam dunk win on her part. Many stayed home. Unlike the current GOP under Trump Dem party is not a cult and a good amount of people on the left would be critical of Clinton because she would be passing many GOP type policies. She is more like you in her economic policies than you like to admit. So no Clinton would not have the undying loyalty of the left as only the center-right loved her and rest of us had to pick her over that nutjob that is Trump.

Yea it was called TrumpTV as he never planed to actually win POTUS, and still has no idea he is POTUS I think.

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You remind me of a confident economist who can tell you with absolute certainty what and why an economic event happened but went broke attempting to pick stocks.

He is a MSM Republican, just because he was just hired by CBS, a part of the MSM. They obviously want to publish his views. As far as I know, that is not a generally used derogatory term.
Now, if more Republicans disagree with his positions they are likely to vote him out in the primary. In the Democratic party, does the Democratic base not vote for Democrats with whom they agree more often than with Democrats with whom they disagree? Would, in say Massachusetts, a Democrat who said he supported Trump on border and sanctuary city issues, not be inviting repercussions from his base?

Trump didnt want to win. Winning is costing him millions of dollars

If you are telling me that this…

Was not meant in a derogatory fashion, then I will take you at your word. I’ve just been around here long enough to have learned that many Republicans here use the term “main-stream media,” or a play on this, “lame-stream media” in a derogatory fashion. That was why I asked the questions I asked. If you didn’t realize some of your fellow Republicans believe this to be derogatory, again I will defer to your word.

I was replying to posts regarding his being hired by CBS…that is specifically where the phrase MSM was applicable. I meant exactly what I said, that he is the type of Republican than CBS or any other portion of the MSM would get. He is an anti Trump Republican, in specific.
Did you even read the post I responded to. Quote from madasheck…“Yep… He just joined the MSM”.

To which I responded “A MSM kind of Republican for sure”.

Meaning, obviously, that he was indeed the kind of Republican CBS would hire.

Okay. And I gave my reasoning behind my posts. That it seemed as if calling him an MSM Republican was meant in a derogatory fashion, as you once again point out, because he didn’t walk completely lock-step with Trump.

I guess voting with Trump 81% of the time is what defines him as an anti-Trump Republican.

That sort of proves the point I’m making here.

You care too much about my personal meanings. And voting against all Republican nominees as part of that difference is not inconsequential. And helping Democrats with the personal attacks on Kavanaugh was not inconsequential.

I meant exactly what I said. That is the sort of thing CBS would like in a Republican. Its not hard and you don’t need to figure out what my personal feelings are.
You seem to want me to be outraged with Flake and calling him some sort of substitute for “lame stream media” when in reality I was replying to madashecks comment about the MSM hiring him.

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I’m not following.