How Much of the Bill of Rights is Subject to Shutdown?

Tuche’ Maybe it is, I prefer freedom over safety. Everyone who wants to stay home, do so, everyone who wants to resume normal, do so.

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Many on the right opposed the patriot act, still do. I do, and have.

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Or are all jobless, homeless, & starving.

So what? Those that govern from the right instituted it and have yet to rescind it. And the “many” on the right who opposed it, still vote for the authoritarians that imposed it and continue to uphold it. You dont get to separate yourself from that.

Yeah, better to vote for the extreme authoritarians on the left that would bring us into socialism, destroying every freedom & the economy forever.

So if you are asymptomatic, and wander off to the grocery store and Home Depot, and infect others who choose freedom as well, how does that play out?

There was a pastor in VA who ignored the governor’s stay at home policy to hold services. He was expressing his freedom. He’s dead now. No more freedom.

No. Better not to vote for authoritarianism at all. To consent to a lesser authoritarianism is still to consent to auhtoritarianism.

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The Home Depot & grocery store never closed, so, what do you propose, shut those down too? Nobody get any food, & if your roof is leaking, just live with it?

As for the preacher, was he ALLOWED to get the proven meds he needed, or was he in a blue state? The virus will not be stopped. It will just be slowed temporarily. It WILL go through the population, eventually. So when ever we reopen what’s left of the economy, it will spread again, even if it’s totally eradicated, it will come back through the border, Mexico is doing nothing about it, plus the airports.

So, what does it help to destroy the economy on top of not being able to stop the virus?

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My civil liberties stops when I endanger an innocent person. We’ve gone through all of this with the HIV, we shouldn’t have to rehash it.

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So what do you propose? Shut down the grocery store & essential services too? Ruin the economy for ten years? I’m sure you will love that.

We didn’t shut down the economy for HIV or any other disease in the history of the country.

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I propose being content with our situation and the things that we have.

If you know you are HIV positive and you have unprotected sex with someone without informing that person, that should be a crime. However, if you don’t know your HIV positive it’s not going to be a crime. Same thing here. If you know you have the virus you should be required to self isolate, If you don’t know you have it, you don’t know you have it. And you can’t put everyone on house arrest until you feel like not keeping them on house arrest.

You know it wasn’t transmitted by coughing and breathing and touching a door handle.

Baloney, that will lead to the great depression of which many more will die than from the virus, & those left will be in misery for a decade or more. Yeah, let’s be content with that! Pfffffft!

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You didn’t really want to know my proposal. :rofl:

So? We CANNOT stop the virus. It’s only temporarily slowed. As soon as we reopen the economy it will start up again. Let’s just all starve, that’s better…

We have a viable treatment. Let’s go back to work. (Well, in red states we have meds available, not in blue states)

Nobody is stopping you. You don’t have chains on, or do you?

Yeah, vote for a candidate that cannot win & let the left take us into total dictatorship & poverty for life, standing on principle. Good plan!

God, and the ability to sue someone.