How Much of the Bill of Rights is Subject to Shutdown?

Just wondering, is freedom of the press, freedom of speech?

What freedoms are the authorities allowed to by “Executive Order” do away with indefinitely?

How about freedom of assembly?

Freedom of Religion?

How about forcibly closing millions of businesses indefinitely?

I just don’t see how any crisis can justify all this. I disagree with republicans & democrats on this.

Both sides are removing freedoms using coronavirus as an excuse. Are we going to do this for 6 months? How about 6 months every winter when the coronavirus returns? It WILL return every year for some time. Swine flu has come around many times since it got started many decades ago.

Are we going to suspend civil liberties every year? Are we going to create a great depression doing so?

This has got to stop!


Scripture says that the fear of death drives people into sin… I.e. unjust actions.

The founding fathers, escaping tyranny shouted, “Give me liberty or give me death!”
The present generation, cry, “You can take my liberty, if you promise me a few more days of life.”


And they’ll be alive to take it back.

Like all those lucky Chinese people are.?

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Congress need to pass a motion to directly limit something within the bill of right during a emergency.

example Trump admin wanted to remove due process, they couldn’t without Congressional approval.

The one’s who are alive yep.

Yeah, then the left will come up with an “emergency” every week.

Rarely in history does any nation lose it’s liberties they get them back. “Emergency” is no excuse.

Which is it?


Dead people have no chance at all.

When will conservatives learn that the “right” is every bit as authoritarian as the left? Patriot Act anyone?

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When will you recognise there is a moderate libertarian left and a moderate libertarian right who did not agree with the Patriot Act and eschew its abuses.


I already do, since I fall into the latter category in the main. I’m talking about government more than the populace, though I’ll admit my post doesn’t make that clear.

the only reason the second was the second was because God was the first

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not due process. habeus corpus. how else would you be able to hold sick people in quarantine?

I can see where the authority could be needed, but not imo for this.

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it will. as soon as we have a viable treatment or vaccine.

The laws upholding the bill of rights and subsequent amendments have not been changed over this pandemic. When that happens, it’s a whole new ballgame. Rights have been restricted many times in American history and we have a pretty good track record of putting things back the way they were.

What happened?

I disagree.


You’re an anarchist so you don’t count.

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