How much "low-skilled" labor does the US actually need?

Two biggest sector for immigrant are maintenance and construction, automation isn’t going to hurt immigrants its going to hurt Americans.

Paul Krugman (2018): A party defined by its lies

President Trump epitomizes the problem of lying by the GOP, but he is far from the only one

Paul Krugman 2019:
“Lincoln had a team of rivals; Trump has a team of morons"

“Only those with no reputation to lose, generally because they’re pretty bad at what they do”

You have to quote a bunch of junior high type insults, thinking making them a quote makes them something other than childish?

Autonation will hurt any job affected by automation and technology. For example in the future there will be much fewer cashiers as more and more businesses add and more self check out lanes.

Do have any forward looking economic statistics to back that up or is it just wishful thinking?

How forward are we talking? A decade? Generation? By the next time you go to the grocery store?

I would assume that whomever is involved in such type of analysis and research would likely give time frames in years or decades. Cashiers could be virtually obsolete in a few years as the technology is already here. It would depend on what type of jobs they are looking to fill and what if any technology is out there that could take their place.

The emphasis of this thread is about immigration from Central and South America (see my first post). The fact is that technology and automation has been and will continue to eliminate many jobs that only require little to no education, training, certifications, etc., each year.