How much longer do we put up with the outright stupidity and waste of money by our government?

With all of the stupid “tail chasing” our government is conducting in attempts to remove a sitting President, how much tax payers dollars is being flushed down the toilet? Not only the money spent in defense of the President but in the mega bucks spent drumming up baseless charges. Everyone of these tax wasting fools need to have their names put on a list and posted so we, the voters can NOT support them next election.
The other thing I would encourage Trump to do it Tweet the entire phone transcript so the fake news can’t corrupt or ignore the truth. Tweet it man, Tweet it…!!!

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If he tweeted the transcript, there’s no way to believe that it’s not faked, doctored, or sharpied.
He’s too much of a liar.

I’m guessing the OP’s financial concerns don’t include the untold millions spent ferrying Trump to his golf outings, private retreats, or the nearly $30 billion already wasted on bailouts to the farm industry thanks to the tariffs.

I agree with you 1000%. Think of all the $$ wasted by presidents who spend every weekend golfing, going to Hawaii, or cutting brush at their ranch. Think of all the $$ spent escorting presidents on their personal vacations. Think of all the special contracts given to businesses associated with current and past presidents. Think of all the cabinet members of this administration who abused and wasted our hard earned dollars on furniture and sound proof phone booths. Think about this the next time you vote.

Shut down Congress they are a waste of money, let Trump do everything!


Trump and his band of grifters are wasting/making a ton of cash out of tax payers back.
This tweet was from earlier today.

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The tariffs took in more than any of that.