How much charitable work/giving do those on the "left" do in Latin American countries?

Typically when immigration issues become news those on the “left” ostensibly feel outrage, compassion, etc., and express as such. Is this something that is just manifested when such things become news or is it something that they actively put much of their personal time and money in to regarding these countries?

I guess the answer is none?

Good question. I know few churches that spend lot of time there.

But don’t expect libs to give you honest answer.

BTW welcome to Hannity forum. Don’t allow forum libs to intimidate you. :wink:

@7ranz seems to.

There are a couple of people here who do.

I did.

My cousin has made several trips down there with Doctors Without Borders.

Was that as part of your church?

No. I was in the Army.