How many trump SCOTUS? Presuming he wind 2020

How many SCOTUS judges will trump appoint by the end of his presidency!

Say he wins reelection… a very strong possibility

At least one, no more than two (barring some extraordinary event).

I can’t believe that we will re-elect this man to a second term.

So I believe it will be capped it 2 already done since as we all know going into a Presidential election year the Senate will not proceed to consider a nominee to the SCOTUS of one were to open. They would want to let the public speak through their vote as to who they want doing the nominating.

I thought hilary would win. I voted for her. I just dont know if RBG wants to stick out another four

What have you learned about Americans in the last 4? People love trump He can do no wrong. He can even make it rain

So if he wins another 4…How will that tilt the court?

Maybe Ginsburg will retire so we can test your theory. :sunglasses:

Towards the right, I presume. How far is difficult to say given we’re just speculating here.

I can’t believe we elected him to the first one, yet here we are. Never overestimate the American electorate. Some men just want to watch the world burn, some do it for the lulz, and a significant percentage just don’t care enough to vote.

I agree.

I said the same about Obama.

I hope the hint of facetiousness I detected in that statement was real.

More likely the Senate will push forward and the collective heads of TDS-ers will explode.

But even more likely, Ginsberg will live past 2020, so that’s all speculation anyway.

My question was predicated on a 2020 trump win. I should have made that more clear

Trump will replace Ginsberg with Amy Coney Barrett, which will be a shift to the right measured in magnitudes.

Thats funny. The notion that McConnell has a sense principles or integrity

I don’t think he can get her confirmed. She’s been vocally anti Roe v Wade. There are enough RINOs in the Senate to kill her nomination.

Thomas might retire if Trump wins a second term. Breyer could kick the bucket. He’s 81 years old.

I agree. Ya see…we think alike. :sunglasses:

Thomas has about eight or nine years until he becomes the longest serving Supreme Court justice ever, so not sure he would retire during Trump’s second term. Even justices have egos.