How many more operatives working within CIA

that’s attempting to undermine this presidency?

If John Brennan is telling us the truth that he’s still getting information from his sources that means their are “others” like him activity working against the president of United States.

So which is it Brennan…are you lying? Or are their others like YOU working against this president?

Same for James Clapper and his unnamed sources withing NSA.

Is there a link to something for us to discuss? Or is this just part of your Deep State imaginations? CoJ and Repugs and libs versus liberals and Rod “Weasel” Rosenstein and authoritarians, etc., etc., etc.,???


Why do Trump supporters see conspiracies and plots everywhere? And they have the audacity to call others snowflakes!!!


He is either lying or being lied to. I think there are still partisan hacks in leadership positions in the FBI, DOJ and CIA. The DC Swamp and Deep State is filthy rotten dirty, so it will take some time to clean it up, if it’s even possible since liberal Dems have done so much damage to our Institutions and the rule of law the nation will be lucky to survive it.

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Trump is in his third damn year as the head of all of these agencies and departments. How inept is the man exactly? Is there a timeframe that will finally have you say, “Wow, I guess he wasn’t the guy to shake things up and rid government of all of these ‘filthy rotten dirty swamp rats’ after all!”

If 3 years isn’t enough, what is? 5? 7? 8? An impossible feat? How deep does your fealty lie? How many years will you give to victimization and conspiracy?


Well, he’s got less than 2 years before the next election at this point. Hopefully at that point voters will be giving him an eviction notice.


Yep. I guess add “Drain the Swamp” to the ever growing list of failures. Like Repeal and Replace with better on Day 1, and Mexico will pay.

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Yeah, it’s not like he’s had the dimocrats and media threatening to ramp up the calls for impeachment if he were to fire someone.

Or like a 2 year long investigation into nothing was set in motion by his firing of someone.

What’s wrong with him?

Ah, so he was scared. Coward. That’s one excuse I guess. Ooga Booga Booga. Scary Democrats and media are coming to getcha!!

It’s hilarious watching people admit that Trump is in this for himself and not the country. I knew it all along. But when you guys accidentally agree, it makes me laugh.


“Make the report public.”

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whatever keeps you from losing another argument to your wife. (what you posted earlier)

Weird though.

It’s funny that people think that Trump is the first president to ever have to deal with investigations or impeachment. Clinton, Bush, and Obama all had to deal with investigations and either threats of impeachment or actual impeachment proceedings.

But when Trump has to deal with the same thing, it’s “presidential harassment.” :rofl:

With a phony “investigation” since before he ever took office, and with a media and intel coordinated leak strategy.

Yeah, it’s harassment.

Yeah, a “phony” investigation. Many indictments, including Russians who meddled in our election. Or were those indictments figments of everyone’s imagination?

Womp womp. :rofl:

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Any for “collusion”??

Yeah, phony!

You do realize that was only one aspect of the investigation, right? It’s quite telling that you’re not concerned about Russians meddling in our election.

Many many thousands.

I don’t know, it’s what I heard.

The entire premise for launching the investigation was the supposed collusion between the campaign and Russians.

Holy hyperbole batman!

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