How many months until a Measels outbreak in Italy?

The Five Star movement in Italy has removed every member of the country’s health advisory board.

The party is well known to be skeptical about vaccines. Also a few of the high level members have been involved in a health scam.

I am sure this will all turn out well

Couple weeks?

Does Trump support vaccination? Seems like something he wouldn’t trust. You know … science and everything.

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I doubt you will find many on the right who disagrees with getting vaccinated that debate has pretty much been decided.

The only debate I have heard in that community is are the number of vaccines or certain types needed.

As far as Italy goes the party who won “Five Star” ran openly about their disdain for vaccinations, will have to wait and see what happens. My opinion not a lot since most Italians will get vaccinated regardless.

Well there is a parallel to the Five Star medical philosophy and what is getting pushed here

They are very much in favor of a “Right to Try” unproven treatments.

20$ they will blame it on the Africans.


Apparently there will not be any outbreak…as the health minister has done an about face… From the article itself.

The party’s vaccine-skepticism has also been well-publicized. During this year’s election campaign, MS5 promised to reform a law that made 10 vaccines mandatory and required a doctor’s note to confirm the injections. In June, Grillo said parents could “self-certify” that their children had been vaccinated and waved the requirement for doctor confirmation.

This caused chaos when the new school year began in September, with thousands of children with compromised immune systems forced to stay at home for fear that classmates had not been vaccinated against potentially deadly diseases.

But a fresh measles epidemic has forced the government into a U-turn. Authorities have now said the vaccines obligation will remain in place and have called for 800,000 infants, children and young adults to be injected against the virus, The Telegraph noted.

It really is circular in the reasoning… isn’t it.

Did any of you even read the article?

Yes I read the article. My title was being facetious.

I am betting that the about face will not last long.

They just pushed too much to fast… anti vaxxer stuff that has to happen in increments.

Still like 87% of Americans approve of vaccinations, I don’t see that number shifting by wide margins unless people start dropping dead from a new vaccine.

I must confess I didn’t read it :slight_smile: I just didn’t doubt it since the Five Star party ran against vaccinations.

Too bad measels needs people to be vaccinated in the 95%ish range to confer herd immunity

TDS much? :roll_eyes:

The anti Vaxxer’s are full of crap. Autism is categorically not caused by the MMR vaccine. There has been study after study after study showing it is not. The fact that people in the US buy into what Jenny McCarthy has to say is ridiculous to say the least. But to have an entire government think that making mandatory vaccines optional is not only stupid, but it is irresponsible.

That said there have only been 12 deaths in Italy due to to measles and all were either non vaccinated, partially vaccinated and were already immuno impaired individuals. What is really dumb about the government take on this is that the cost of treating the hundreds of thousands who have become sick over the past two years has to be astronomical compared to the cost of making vaccines mandatory. Pay a little upfront…or a lot after the fact that people got sick.

Children very often don’t have a choice… so it is children that are affected.

Not too good of an award to give out.

We trust the CDC to tell us if our food is killing us but can’t trust them on vaccines.

Nah, many of those who don’t get vaccinations are unable to do so because of immuno-deficiencies.

Hence everyone else has to get protected to offer those people coverage.

Moreover, vaccinations often aren’t 100% effective. Keeping it at 95% ensures far less likelihood of outbreaks in general as a result.

My post was facetious.

Well good.

It would be terrible to think of children dying from negligence as an award.

Glad you didn’t do that because that would be terrible.

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